Would This Be Considered A Sin?

My yard is absolutely over-run by blackbirds. They have driven out all of the other birds and wild-life from my yard, and they are eating absolutely everything that I put out for the other animals. I was wondering if it would be sinful to shoot them with a BB or pellet gun. I’m guessing that has the potential to kill them? And obviously I am not using the animal as sustenance.

Would it be sinful to kill the blackbirds with a pellet gun?

Thank you,
Joshua C.

not a sin if its not a crime.

use packs of firecrackers, or bird bombs (pistol or shotgun) – this is only noise and it should drive them off.

personally, I’d use a shotgun with birdshot and the survivors won’t be coming back.

Definitely not a crime in my area. I do happen to loathe blackbirds. I wish to drive them as far away from my home as possible. I’m 78% certain that they are a creation of satan- they are mean, loud, obnoxious, stupid animals.

Is hunting for sport, instead of for food, a sin? These are things I realize I should have known a long time ago, but never thought to seek an answer for.

I think we’re commanded to be stewards of God’s creation, meaning no wastage. pest control is different.

one warning about those birds. you can blast them out of a tree and they’ll relocate 10 yards away in a neighbor’s tree and be untouchable. you might want to call a pest control guy.

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