Would this be considered a sin


I am in high school and I was in class and a girl (who is not Catholic) was talking and she stated, ‘I really wish you were Catholic, that would be perfect.’ I know I should’ve said ‘yeah actually I am Catholic’ or something, but I didn’t even say anything back to her. So would this be considered denying my faith? I feel so bad


It doesn’t strike me as a sin. Sort of a strange thing for her to just say. You say you feel bad about it - go talk to your priest. Even if he tells you it’s not a sin, I bet you’ll feel a lot better.


Maybe just clarify that you are Catholic next time.
It’s not a denial of faith, but silence.
However, if it bothers your conscience, go to confession and confess this.



Teenagers are weird.

You heard someone say something odd out of the blue. God does not expect us, especially the young among us, to be perfectly well spoken at all times. This isn’t Gilmore Girls.

You are not required to go back and correct her. Let strange people say things and take care of yourself.


No it is more like to be considered being scrupulous, which can be a serious problem.


No. I can understand that you felt bad and that is good, because it means you see the opportunity to share your faith and you had let that opportunity went off by. Bot not all is lost because next time if similar occasion happen, you may be able to chip in what you really want to say.

Realistically, we are not made the same - some are shy and some outspoken, some cautious and some more natural. I am like you, I tend to keep my belief to myself, and yes, even in a situation that you described.

If it may be a comfort to you, the girl will surely know that you are a Catholic sooner or later by your activities, practices and life. You will have a chance to talk to her about religion if you want to.


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