Would this be considered Copyright infringement?

I was thinking about uploading a drawing to Deviant Art but it’s a drawing of a screenshot from a video game. Not sure whether or not this would be infringement or not.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

hi, i don’t know anything about deviant art or yourself or the video game. so if you all are super-professionals you might worry about these things.
heres something you might do in that case;
generally and for the future, when you copy another persons artwork you must put your signature on it not theirs. if you put their signature on it then it would be called forgery and be a serious crime.
but this is a video game so a forgery of a video game would be a pirate copy not a drawing which you made.

copyright is different again.

it is possible to copy artwork from one media to a different media as you are doing and not infringe on copyright, (one exception being that you cannot copy photographers models photographs into any media.)
if you copy another persons artwork and use the same type of media obviously you must sign your own name to it and it would be better to also write ‘after [so-and-so, the original artists name]’.

so on your drawing you could sign it with your own name; Joe Bloggs
the title of the work; Defeat of the Zombee Empire
and write also; after [Video Game name]
it just means that you acknowledge the original artists work.
but i don’t think you will run into any trouble drawing a screenshot and copyright shouldn’t kick in.

As someone who has some experience working in the video game industry, I do not think it would be copyright infringement considering the fact that the screenshot represents your own personal experience and location within the game world and is most likely unique.

Deviantart has thousands of similar pieces of art that are from and inspired by video games locations and characters that are considered “fan art”. The video game industry has a long tradition of respecting and appreciating the artistic contributions of fans. As long as you are not making money from drawing and reproducing copyrighted characters there is probably no problem with what you are doing.

I’ve worked in publishing for many years. I would say, no, this is not copyright infringement. You should acknowledge the source material, saying that your art is based on the game and mentioning who created the characters, if you know.

Sharing your pictures is no problem. Selling them would be a different story, because the characters belong to whoever created them.

I think that the creative spark in our nature is one way in which we are made in the likeness of God. Here on Earth, a lifetime isn’t long enough for all the things we could create. One artist I worked with used to say, “Life is short. Art is long.” I like to write, take photos, write music, and more. I don’t have enough time for it all, but I imagine that in heaven we will have unlimited opportunities to be creative.

True, but I have seen recently where Nintendo has succeeded in claiming the ad revenue for YouTube videos that game players have uploaded of Nintendo games, even though that is the player’s “personal experience.”

It wouldn’t hurt for the OP to send a quick email to the developers of the game in question. If it’s just fan art and the OP isn’t selling the pictures for profit, they very well may not have a problem with it.

Actually, I’d check with an attorney before proceeding. The law can be quite complex, and a legal fee for advice before is much cheaper than getting hit with a lawsuit from the developer of the game.

I realized that Deviant Art has a whole section for fan fiction. In which people, without gaining any financial benefit of their own, are creating short stories using other peoples characters. As long as I give credit to the original creators, I doubt there would be a problem.

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