Would this be considered coveting?

Let’s say, for example, my neighbor has a car that I really like. Obviously, it would be wrong to just sit around thinking, “Man, I wish I had that car.” But would it be wrong to think, “I want a car like that, so I’m going to find a (legal) way to get one.”? I have used this method to stay motivated with certain things in my life, but I’m wondering if it’s wrong, and if it’s classified as coveting? Or is it okay, since it’s an incentive?

The commandment forbids coveting “our neighbors goods” (or wife).

If something inspires you to work for one of your own, I don’t believe that is coveting. The danger in coveting is that one begins to envy the neighbor or despise him, since he has more than you do, or it may work against you to think about stealing it.

There is nothing wrong with lawful desires to obtain many of the necessities of life, even if they are inspired by seeing the goods of another.

No coveting here; working toward a goal is good! Welcome Home! :dancing:

It’s not a sin. Just make sure not to get too attached to material goods. It is easy to get into the pattern of buying one thing, then buying a better version, and another better version. It is okay to have goals, but you should also have some satisfaction with what you already have. Be ready to leave all these “things” behind when you die.

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