Would this be considered immoral

I have this doubt, in school would it be wrong to take a class with a teacher that is known to pass everyone even if they do not learn?

I don’t think so. As long as you are planing to learn something from the class:).

By wrong, do you mean immoral?

Take a look at the ten commandments and tell me where you see it fit.

As a student, one needs to take responsibility for what one does in a class. Why are you taking the course: simply to get a grade? Then who are you “cheating”? Yourself. Is that immoral? Take that up with your confessor.

Taking the class gives you an opportunity to learn. It is up to you to learn; and guess what - as an adult, you are not always going to have someone “grading” you - you will have to take responsibility for your own choices.

Which is what you have to do in the class. Kind of like growing up.

Learning and being graded are two entirely different concepts. There are countless students who learn but still fail a class. The culpability lies on the teacher if he or she was being dishonest in the requirements established for the grading system. But, as a student, you go to the class and take everything you can from it even if it is a life lesson. In the end you win regardless of what the teacher chooses to do.

I had also this doubt, I have this class right now, that due to some problems the class began really late, i did not took the class, but my somebody told me what was going on, and i spoke to the teacher, told me it was ok if i joined the class.

so here is the deal, i can go and finish it with very very few of the program being teached and pass.

or i can just walk away and not do anything and hope to take it next semester, altough the current only teacher has an unfair grading method (does not teach much either).

so do you think i should go with this few classes or wait and expect they put another teacher on that one?

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