Would this be considered offensive?


To recap, I’m not Catholic, (more of a happy go lucky, everyones path to God is correct type) but my husband is.

I’ve always been drawn to Catholicism on a creative level: art, the history and concepts of saints. And I would love sit down and research them and collect and display small statues in our house.

But I don’t know if that would be deemed improper…


No, of course not. Think of the tourists that visit churches all over the world to see the architecture and the art. That is acceptable and even encouraged.


Well, I am not really thinking from a Catholic standpoint but if people come over and see all these statues they might think strangely of it if you aren’t a Catholic. Since you husband is Catholic, it might explain it but really it doesn’t.

No harm is being drawn to these statues and art. I am too, many of us are and it helps us. Might even help you :slight_smile:


I don’t see any harm in it, as long as they are displayed in a tasteful manner.


Nothing at all wrong with that. :slight_smile:


I know that was serious, but that made me giggle. Just thinking about the sheer tackiness of some people


Oh I’ve been known to pray to St Anthony. :smiley:


You should be praying to St. Genesius too–he is the patron saint of actors. (I attended a Catholic college and before every performance, every one of us would be the green room reciting a prayer to St. Genesius).


Aha…you never know what is next!

I think it would be great for you to go with this feeling…

You know, the Blessed Mother brought me to the church…


Yeah, don’t set up a statue of the Blessed Mother in a birdbath or something like that. :smiley:

(I wish this was hypothetical. Unfortunately it is not; there is a house in my neighborhood with just such a display in the yard.)


Representations of the saints are not meant to be tchotchkes. I cannot recommend you use representations of God’s faithful servants on Earth to suit your own shallow aesthetic preferences.


I think you’re being a bit harsh, Other Eric, why would you think her aesthetic preferences would be shallow? Many statues and paintings stand as works of art on their own outside of their religious context. They may represent “God’s faithful servants” but they are just representations, not the real thing.


wow. I wonder Just Plain Eric is more pleasant…
Apparently you didn’t pay attention to my post where iI said I wanted to do research on them.


But maybe on the other hand this is God’s way of drawing her close.


Exactly. If we are going to disapprove of every person who places an image of Christ, the Blessed Mother, or the Saints somewhere for artistic purposes, then we had better demand that every Art Museum in the world return every piece of religious art to the nearest church.

i don’t see anything wrong with it, as long as it is respectful.



How about you go to RCIA classes…

Each time you attend a class you can get another Saint statue or peice of art???

If you husband is a cradle Catholic… he probably can’t explain the faith or the Saints very easily or throughly. Mine couldn’t… I learned everything in RCIA and I’ve started the new classes all over again…

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