Would this be considered servile work?

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Just checking, would setting up a computer be considered servile work? Or would it fall under the category of recreation?

IMO it depends on how you feel about it. If you work on computers all week at your job, it’s probably just more work.
But if you’re setting it up to use for education/entertainment at home, and your work is active, it might be fun.
i used to enjoy mopping the floor during the weekend, since I sat all day at a computer & mopping was an enjoyable change.
I could be wrong,


I’m mainly using it for entertainment. But it’s the setting up part I’m curious about. Would the setting up of the computer be considered servile work? I don’t really like the trouble of setting it up though

Please do not stress about this…

You say that you’re going to primarily be using the computer for entertainment then an analogy would be: “Is it servile work to setup a Scrabble game to play with my friends” or you could go so far as to compare this to the need to cook dinner for yourself or your family.

Also keep in mind, it is unnecessary servile work that should be avoided: Luke 15:5 (link), Mark 3:1-6, or Mathew 12: 10… perhaps this article in the Catholic Digest will help you:
Is it a sin to work on Sunday? (link)
This article reads in part (and I suggest that you follow the link to get the full context)
The term “servile” (when associated with work in the Catholic tradition) connotes something of a slavish application of time and energy to manual labor, not to intellectual or artistic pursuits, and certainly not to the enjoyment of rest needed in order to return to work on Monday refreshed and ready to meet workplace responsibilities. Generations ago, good people with sensitive consciences worried about darning socks or sewing buttons on shirts on Sundays and often warned children not to do anything resembling work for pay on the “Lord’s day.” Some of those warnings may still be ringing in your ears. Let them pass.

You should, however, notice that many believers have a tendency to want to get their Sunday “obligation” out of the way and have that special day free for doing all sorts of things that are neither recreational or devotional. A balance must be struck.

There can be Sunday servility, almost an addiction, to televised sports, tinkering with the car, or tending to household repairs. These actions are not in themselves objectionable, but can be capable of diverting mind and heart from the gratitude that should prompt one to offer praise and thanks to God.

If things like this really bother you, then you really need to find a good spiritual advisor least you start falling into scrupulosity.

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