Would this be considered suicide?


Hi all! My husband and I want to have another baby, but I’m obese. I am 5"3, 235 pounds. I have lost 60 pounds, but want to lose more before becoming pregnant. My OB gave me the green light to get pregnant. But my concern is that getting pregnant while so heavy would put strain on my heart. I don’t have heart problems though.
My husband and I practice Natural Family Planning. My question is, if I became pregnant before I intended to, would God consider it suicide because getting pregnant while so heavy could possibly be dangerous?


[SIGN][/SIGN]No. I’m not really sure why you think it would be.

Suicide is deliberately taking your own life.

Crossing the street can be dangerous. Driving a car can be dangerous. Having a baby is a normal activity. It can sometimes be dangerous, but it doesn’t sound like your doctor is even concerned that it is dangerous in your case. And just because it “might” be dangerous, there is no reason you cannot proceed with pregnancy. There is no church teaching against it, the opposite in fact. Being generous towards new life is a virtue.


I don’t see this as a possible suicide. If there was any danger to yourself, I’m sure the doctor would have told you. But, since he/she said it’s ok, then what’s the problem? Continue with a healthy diet and excerise. Then, if the Lord blesses you with a child, then consider yourself blessed.




No. Just, no.




Not at all, especially considering that a medical professional has given you the go-ahead. :thumbsup:


No. Doing dangerous things is not suicide, though it may be imprudent. However…

It doesn’t seem like this case would even qualify as imprudence, unless you have not fully described the situation. A professional has told you you are fine. You don’t have heart problems. Whence the concern?


I think my concern comes from the fact that I’ve had chest pains for a couple years, but my heart checked out fine. Plus, someone told me that if I got pregnant while this heavy, it could put a strain on my heart. I’m going to call my cardiologist and see what he has to say.


I was your height and weight exactly when I became pregnant with my first baby. I have a few thoughts on this.

Firstly, the only “risk” during my pregnancy was additional weight gain. I was allowed to gain no more than 10 pounds pregnancy weight. What this meant for me was I couldn’t give in to my cravings like a maniac. I think that’s a good thing.

Second, the hormones after pregnancy did a great deal to help me with my weight loss. Plus, breastfeeding burns at least an additional 500 calories a day. :wink: (I have two children and I’ve lost more than 50 pounds since my first pregnancy.)

Third, it is good you have the motivation to become healthy. If you are concerned about having a child at this time because of your weight, that is ok. You don’t need to find something as grave as threat of death to consider it a valid reason to temporarily postpone a pregnancy.


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