Would this be helpful to the Church?


I have an idea that I see nothing wrong with and I believe it could be improved and be very helpful to the Church and parents and children. What possible improvements do you see?
The idea is for priests to place a sign at each exit from church as a gentle but constant reminder to all on what might be the most important aspect of good parenting. That is the necessity of teaching by their example, the love of the whole Truth with their whole heart, mind, soul and strength. The sign could be phrased many ways, but blunt and to the point makes the most sense to me since it is not aimed at anyone in particular and there would be no need to take it personally unless someone has a guilty conscience. Something like; " IF parents are not seen by their children as loving the whole Truth with their whole heart, mind, soul and strength, then the parents are failing in one of the most important roles of setting a good example needed to be a good Catholic parent and might instead be leading their children down the road to hell because they are making it more difficult for the children to in reality accept the love of the whole truth and therefore not perish as St Paul warns in 2Thes. 2:10."

As an additional part of this idea, Priests and Bishops could publicly and privately ask ministers of other faiths to put similar signs up in their churches. They could also ask for public dialog on what is neccessary evidense of someone who truly loves the whole Truth with their whole heart so that a short letter could be made available as a handout at churches wit people from many faiths agreeing on the basics.
Can anyone truly love the whole Truth if they do not have a burning desire to help others love the whole Truth also?
Can anone truly love the whole Truth if they do not desire to know the true answer to questions raised by people of other faiths?
Can anyone truly love the whole Truth if they do not want better and better questions to ask of others to help them find the truth more quickly if they seek God’s answer to those questions?
What are some questions that will help people find quicker the whole truth? It is my opinion that whenever we “preach” to someone, stating facts, it is not until they ask themselves the right questions concerning the validity of those “facts” and what other possible understandings could be arrived at from those facts , will they actually be concinced by them when they se there is no other answer than the one we started with.So it speeds things up if we give them the facts and questions andask them if they really want God’s answer, then ask God for it…

Can you imagine Priests,Bishops or ministers of other religions saying publicly that they do not want to cooperate with others in encouraging parents to instil in their children the true love of the whole Truth that God is revealing?
Once the sheperds start to publicly and enthusiastically encourage all laity to truly love the truth, it will be harder for the complacent to continue teaching complacency by example to their children.
Once the sheperds publicly ask questions of the ministers of other faiths and make it clear that they welcome questions concerning the faith, then it will be more difficult for parents to set the bad example of not wanting to know the answers to questions of faith and what can be known with certitude, if we honestly seek the truth.
Do our priests and Bishops want to bring all into the Church? Then why would they not want to publicly ask the questions that they feel will help those who honestly seek God’s answer and then trust that people wil see through all who evade the crux of the questions?


I have come to believe something I once heard, “If you ask the right question (in the right way) the answer will be intuitively obvious to the most casual of listeners.” In trying to raise our six children, my wife and I have many, many times found that, IF WE ASK THE RIGHT QUESTION, in the right way, all opposition stops and they effectively admit what before they were denying, or at least not admitting.
If priests, or a Bishop, would publish a series of well thoughtout questions for local ministers of other faiths, with the promise to publish their written answers, think of the possible good that could be done. If they are asked concerning Jn. 6:51, " If you were present when Jesus said ,essentially, four times, 'unless you eat my body and drink my blood…", would you say my Lord and my God, you can do all things, you are infinitely powerful, I believe what you say because I believe you are truly God and truly man but do not understand.", and keep following Him all the way to the last supper; or would you say, "This is a hard saying, What man can give us his body to eat and his blood to drink " and join the crowd that would follow him no more? Then when Jesus said, "Take and eat, This IS MY BODY…, would you be astonished yet believe and pray for greater faith and understanding, or would you walk away like Judas?
Think what could be the reult if Priests and Bishops united with other christian ministers and asked for all religious leaders to explain if they believe that God must be infinite, outside of time, with one single thought eternally, and therefore he mustwill to love all he has created and we should will to love al as He does; or if they believe, effectively, that God is changeble, transient in time?


In my opinion what you suggest would not be helpful. You are judging parents and that is not for you to do.


I do not see how this is judging parents. i am saying that if te shoe fits then… I am not saying the shoe absolutely and definitively fits any particular parent. Do you see the distinction?


I don’t see it working. Besides, why just focus on the one issue? They could put up all sorts of signs and give out all sorts of handouts on many issues.

Good intentions, though. :thumbsup:


In 2Thes. 2:10, St. Pal teaches that " many are perishing because they have not accepted the love of the Truth". What good parent would not feel the greatest sorrow if their children, or any child for that matter, gave evidense that they did not care about what was truth and what was not; or more positively, what good parent would not feel overjoyed the more and more a child showed clearly the love of the whole truth with their whole heart, mind, soul and strength? How many converts have come to the Truth in the Catholic Churc precisely because they sought the Truth and followed no matter what? How many have left the church or are still calling themselves “catholic” but do not have enough love of the truth to seek the answers to the questions that would lead to the whole Truth?
In His weekly general audiance of April 30, 2008, Pope Benedict referred to His recent trip to the United States and to what He said He stressed, (in the synagogue) " the great responsibility of religious representatives, both in teaching respect and nonviolence, AND IN THE NOURISHING THE DEEPEST QUESTIONS OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS." What I am sugesting is for those priests and bishops who want to help people come to the love of the whole truthto be ready to answer the questions that lead people to the truth, but also, to help speed things along by providing the questions so everyone does not have to reinvent the wheel, so to speak. Who will oppose this except those who do not want people to find te truth or who want to dela this as long as possible?


Douglas I am sure you mean well.

Vatican II gave an awesome mission to the laity. The laity is to evangelise in their workplaces, their local community and in their neighbourhood. We do that by living our Faith. Remember in the first days of Christianity it was possible to tell the Christians by how much they loved one another. If you and your wife raise 6 Faith filled children you are doing a wonderful job of evangelisation. If you endeavour to see Jesus in everyone with whom you come in contact you are being a great witness for your Catholic Faith.

Perhaps in your parish you could volunteer when asked and get on some committees and in this way share your Faith.



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