Would this be proper to say?

Hello all.

I live in SW Virginia, near Roanoke, and there is absolutely no Latin Mass near me. The closest is probably Northern VA or VA Beach area (a good 3-4 hours away). I’m a recent convert to the Church and I’m 18 years old. The parishes around here are Novus Ordo, which is fine. However, each parish is extremely liberal and interprets differently how the Mass should be done. Some even have liturgical dancing. I’m no expert on Canon Law, but I can tell when a Mass is irreverent.

My question is, during the “Prayers of the Faithful” (I hope that’s the right term) would it be improper for me to say “For a return of reverence and piety to the Liturgy, we pray to the Lord…”?

I felt a nudging to say it for weeks, but I always surpressed the urge, because I thought it might set off controversey. But, I’m so horribly depressed about how irreverent the Mass is where I live. I almost sat and bawled my eyes out last Sunday because of the lack of respect and reverence for the Holy Mass.

If this is in the wrong place, please move it, and I apologize if it is.

Comments, suggestions, constructive criticism are all encouraged and appreciated.

Pace e Bene

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