Would this be sacreligous?

First let me say that I have a vocation to be a nun/sister. I can’t imagaine being anything else in life.
That said, I was wondering if it would be sacreligous to go as a nun for halloween. I wouldn’t be doing it to be disrespectful. I can see where if i were to go as a Priest that would be very sacreligous of course.
Do you think it would be ok for me to go as a nun?

First off, congratulations for your choice to go into the religious life. God Bless you.

Second, why in the world would it be sacreligious to go as a nun as long as you were being respectful?

Thanks so much for answering! I was just worried that it wouldn’t be respectful for a lay person to go as a nun.
It’s really hard as a women to find a modest halloween costume anymore. Allthey have are these supe skimpy costumes, which i hate:(

I think its cute. The only way to be offensive is to be a “sexy” nun or something like that…but I do not think that is what you are talking about by any stretch of the imagination. I think your costume could be a great conversation starter for some people. Also, maybe you can get some Catholic tracts (like from Catholics come home) and hand them out as part of your costume.

I cringe whenever I see a “sexy nun” costume.

I’m a guy who ALSO cringes when I see a sexy nun costume. IWhile I love the Vatican II rule where nuns don’t have to wear habits (I went to a catholic college where most did, but several younger ones choose to wear other types of clothes), nuns should try to dress pretty modest.

As my dad puts it “Nuns should wear their nun-suits*, that way people know they’re nuns.”

*His words, not mine! :: Laughs ::

You won’t like this question, but I feel I should ask it anyway as it is on topic.

Why do you celebrate Halloween in the first place?

There’s nothing wrong with celebrating Halloween.

And technically it’s not on topic. She’s asking about a costume, not whether she should celebrate Halloween. :wink:

What would be wrong with going out trick or treating anyway?! Jeez-dress at a saint, a baseball player, whatever the heck you want to. Go out and greet the neighboors, say hello, have some fun…

You can dress up in the nicest, most saintly costume in the world, but it does not change the fact that ultimately Halloween is a holiday of two things…candy and death.

Sigh, there’s always one in every bunch. :rolleyes:

Well, “sir”, I don’t eat candy, and I know I’m going to die some day…but a little fun here and there isn’t going to condemn me, regardless of what you think.

See you in church.

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My church celebrates Halloween. They have a huge carnival every year. I don’t see why people see death as such an awful thing anyways. If you’ve lived a good life in the eyes of God death could be celebrated.
I’ve always celebrated Halloween, and it’s still one of my favorite occasions. Doesn’t make me a back catholic.

Back on topic, I’m still going to ask my Priest if it would be ok to dress as a nun, just to be safe.

You go, girl. Do your research. Pick an order and a saint that you admire. Do your best to make the dress authentic.

When I was the director of our parish RE program, I went as a nun to the Halloween party every year. My family has deep ties to the Benedictine convent in my home town. I knew how to reconstruct the pre-Vatican ll habit so I went as St Gertrude the Great. People loved it. After a few years, half a dozen women and girls wore similar dresses and veils. A religious habit is a POWERFUL symbol. Without saying a word, we could evangelize about the communion of saints, Catholic history, the monastic life, and so on.

Without scoldings and lectures (to which nobody listens), our parties taught what we hoped. Catholics know how to party. Halloween is a Christian feast. We celebrate with feasting and laughter that the light of Christ triumphs over death and darkness.

I’m thinking that if I do go as a nun I might carry some twine rosaries with me to hand out to people that ask about the costume:)

I wouldn’t feel comfortable going as a Nun. I don’t think the religious life is something to be mocked and that’s how I would feel in a nun costume.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t… I’m just saying that’s how I would feel. :blush:

I see what you mean about the disrespect. As I said in my earlier post, a religious habit is a powerful symbol. I know that people in our day have donned habits, priestly vestments, and street attire of priests and bishops (cassocks or birettas) in order to mock the Catholic church. I feel the same as you about wearing a nun’s habit to a secular costume party at a nightclub or similar venue. Unless your neighborhood is 100% Catholic, you might not send the kids out trick-or-treating as St Clare, St Francis, or St Patrick either. Again, kids wearing habits or vestiments could easily be misunderstood.

Dressing as St Gertrude the Great at a parish party where the theme is the Communion of Saints is another matter. I guess I assumed that the original poster was speaking about a similar event.

The only place I usually dress up anymore is our Parish Carnival. It’s a huge event each year, it takes place about a week or two before halloween. On halloweenitself my mom and I usually hit the local haunted houses in regular clothes.

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