Would this be Sinful (Music Piracy)?

There is a musician I like, who has since passed away. During his career, fans produced many live recordings of his performances, likely without his permission. However, since his death, his son has publicly authorized the trading of these concerts, provided they are not sold for profit. Thus, downloading the concerts is not illegal. However, when they were recorded, the act of recording itself was probably not permitted. Would it be sinful to download these recordings?

If the current owner of the music (presumably the musician’s son) has now allowed the recordings to be freely available for people to download, I can’t see any problem with it.

I appreciate that the original recordings were made without permission, but that situation has now been rectified, in my view.

If the rights to the music went to the son on after the artist died, then he can do with him as he pleases. I’d say you’re in the clear.

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