Would this be sinful?

A hypothetical situation popped into my head(surprise right?) would it be sinful to change what denomination of Christianity you follow?

It depends on the level of knowledge. Do you consciously know you’re you’re leaving the God’s Church? I’d posit that almost all who leave the Church don’t know what they’re doing. I’d say it would be sinful in extremely rare cases.

It might be sinning but the person doing it might not be culpable. Like okay if I were a Catholic that had never learned anything about my faith and was unaware of what the Church teaches about salvation and what not and I decided to become a Lutheran because of my ignorance regarding my Catholic faith I might have no culpability of that because I was never taught that Catholicism was true in that instance and obviously this is just a hypothetical situation

I believe if you follow the Truth you will
ALWAYS be right, if you think that another
denomination has the Truth then it will not
be sinful if you converted.
However, the Scriptures and Tradition of the
Catholic Church teaches that SHE has the
fullness of Truth(1 Tim 3:15). So BE CERTAIN
that another faith has that claim and back it
up Scriptually!!

Depends what denomination you are…

E.g if you were changing denomination to enter the catholic church then no…but if you were catholic and changing denomination to leave the one true church then I would guess it could be seen as a sin …i dont know though…you would have to ask a priest as they would know more about what is classed as a sin and what isnt

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