Would this be wrathful?


So recently my family took my cat to the vet because we believe she got into a fight with an unknown animal. However, this has lead to me wanting to hunt that animal for hurting my cat. Would this be vengeance? If this contributes at all, I know I would never ACTUALLY hurt an animal, but I still openly made that threat because I was very stressed at the time.
Thank you!


I would call it reasonable anger. Of course you were upset.
Cats get into fights all the time; it’s part of their nature.
God bless.


It’s normal to have a protective instinct. A member of your family, so to speak, was injured by a dangerous animal. Your feeling might well be called threat mitigation. Indeed. You would be wise to assess the probability of this recurring.



That sounds to me like a temptation to wrath. Temptation is not sin.


Go ahead - hunt the animal - tough guy - lol


If it was a momentary angry feeling and you did not follow through with actually going out and angrily hunting down the animal then I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s natural to have an emotional response when a person or animal that you care about is hurt.

I would suggest you channel that response into how you might better protect your cat from further harm, such as keeping it indoors or only letting it out in a fenced yard or catio.


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