Would this be wrong?

If you have been following any of posts, you will have known that I am currently working through some issues related to an STI (HPV) I caught from same-sex activity. I am (unfortunately) attracted to both sexes, which is another thing I am trying to work out.

Looking into my future, I am afraid that I will end up alone.
Can I ever find love with a woman after this? If I disclosed my STI status, would it be an issue to pursue a life-long relationship with a woman, knowing my past? She would ultimately probably contract the STI (assuming she doesn’t already have it - millions and millions of sexually active Americans actually have HPV). Where does this lie on the morality spectrum?

Cross those bridges when you come to them. For now you need medical, spiritual and psychological direction.

wrong, as in the church forbids it? no

however, you are right to be giving it serious consideration

I am very sorry you are going through this, get your own issues sorted out first though before even attempting to pursue a relationship

there is a vaccine that exists for hpv, if that puts your mind at ease a little

Thank you - I found out about the vaccine AFTER this happened, which angers me to no end. I can still get it to protect me from other strains but I’m not going to be engaging in any sexual activity so I’m not sure if there’s a point to it. I’ve read a couple stories on how getting the vaccine might prevent symptoms from coming back I guess, but there’s no real scientific evidence to support it.

This is so hard for me.

Agreed. :thumbsup: There are more urgent issues that you need to attend to now.

Aside from the very slim chance that the particular HPV strain you have is one of the two or three strains that cause cancer, HPV is essentially harmless.

It’s not only a sexual thing, and isn’t spread by sex. It’s spread by skin-to-skin contact–which means that, unlike other STDs, a condom will not protect you.

It’s the virus that causes cold sores, warts, etc. If anyone has ever had a wart, he or she has had HPV. Wrestlers tend to get warts on their fingers, meaning, they tend to get HPV.

If a woman were to contract the HPV that causes cervical cancer, it would almost certainly be diagnosed in the pre-cancerous stage by a routine pap test. After which she would almost certainly be treated in a routine procedure. Cervical cancer is 100% curable if it’s caught in time, which it almost always is in the U.S.

So if it were me–I wouldn’t worry about it.

I had to get warts removed from my an*s. Praying the strain genotype comes back low-risk.

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