Would this constitute excommunication?

Okay so I have recently returned to the Church after being away from it throughout high school and college. As you could imagine during these times in my life I acted very sinfully and indulged in a secular life. I had sexual relations with women during these periods.
Here is my question. If a girl were to use Plan B without telling me until after she used it would that constitute the grounds for me to be excommunicated? Or would it just be something I would need to confess? During the time that all this took place my knowledge of contraception and what is considered abortive and non abortive was poor.

Thank you


You are not responsible for what you didn’t know. To commit a mortal sin, the act must be mortally sinful, the person must know that it is mortally sinful, and the person must freely choose to sin.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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