Would this constitute material cooperation with an evil adoption agency?


Dear Apologist,

After being blessed with a wonderful daughter 4 years ago, my wife and I have been unable to conceive since that time. We are current under the care of an awesome Catholic OB/Gyn, but she has told us my wife does in fact have issues with her hormones; and it will be a chore to conceive (although we are still trying).

I feel like God wants us to have a big loving family, and my wife and I feel called to have many more children, so naturally we turned to adoption. Unfortunately, many of the Houston area Christian adoption agencies aren’t accepting any new parents, or aren’t having informationals( the first step) for a year or so. There is one great agency, who claims to be Christian, but they allow same sex couples and single parents to adopt children. They are able to get us started immediately, but I have been postponing as I think giving a child to a same-sex couple is morally evil, and the Adoption agency is the prime agent of the moral evil. Would I be materially cooperating with evil by adopting a child from here?

God Bless



No! On the contrary; you would be rescuing a child who would otherwise be denied a family life with both a mother and a father. Get to it!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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