Would this count as participating in someone elses sin?

I have a buddy whose parents forbid her from playing video games. But at times she secretly plays without them knowing. Since it is an online game, would it be sinful if I play the game with her? Multiplayer modes and stuff I mean

I say play with her, go for it. Videogames are a valid form of entertainment like filmography or literature, and has the added benefit of being a social activity.

Unless they have a good reason (such as punishment for misbehavior, or if the game is obscene, or if she is too young to play it, or if it is a subscription game that they can’t afford and that she won’t pay for with her own money) then they shouldn’t be forbidding her. Even Biblical Heroes disobeyed their parents at times (for instance, Jonathan disobeyed his father Saul by sheltering David), so clearly “Honor thy mother and father” doesn’t mean “Obey thy mother and father no matter how unreasonable their commands may be”.

Her parents state that the games cause her to have a short temper due to taking it too seriously at times. But not to the extent of her hitting her parents, or any outrages like that. Though she’s working on it. Adding to that, it was a permanent ban meaning like she can’t play any games until she has her own place to stay. It’s quite unreasonable (in my opinion) to totally forbid someone to play just because of a minor issue like that. A limit of ‘‘1 hour per day’’ is far more reasonable in my opinion

Is it charitible of your friend to oppose the parents? You have to decide about sending the message that you approve of defying the parents directions. I pray that God will help you with this.

I would venture that you are wrong if you encourage her to ‘cheat’ and disobey her parents. You don’t know how “short” her temper is and the effects her temper has on others. People tend to have 2 personalities: what they want you to know and what they tell you…and the real person of how they are at ‘home’ and with their families. You should not try to second guess the parents and their reasoning as you are undermining their authority. Just saying. Peace

I would not do this. I think a *really *helpful friend would help her to find and parcipate in other activities which her parents have not forbidden.

Not playing video games is not sinful, nor are the parents doing anything sinful in this. Just because *you *think they are being unreasonable doesn’t even mean they are being so: you have only your friend’s side of the story. As she is a minor, I would say her disobdience is sinful, and your participation might well be.

I don’t approve of my friend defying her parents. I did give my opinion of how unreasonable the punishments were though. She already is defying her parents about this (even before I voiced my opinion on the unreasonableness of the punishment) even though I didn’t convince her to, and definitely don’t want to seem like I’m condoning the action, which is mainly why I asked the question on whether it would be unethical for me to play in modes like multiplayer with her even though I’m not encouraging her to defy her parents

If you mean directly telling her that she should carry on with what she’s doing then no. I’m asking whether joining her in multiplayer modes may be partaking of the sin as she is already defying her parents. I don’t condone the action (defying her parents) in any way

Yeah my conscience was bugging me on this too. She does have interests in activities such as cycling and basketball actually, I could try to persuade her to enjoy those activities instead, good suggestion!

You’ve got a point, though she and I have known each other for quite sometime now (6 years) so I doubt she would give me a self-biased side of her case. Still, I’ll take your advice and not join her in playing then, since there’s a risk of sin and scandal. Thanks :slight_smile:

Great decision! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :slight_smile: And I did not mean to imply that she would be biased deliberately, it’s just that in any dispute, each person’s side looks different, sometimes very different!

Have fun with her! You are a good and thoughtful friend to her :flowers:

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