Would this idea be blasphemous for a story?


   So for the longest time I have wanted to make a film about the gospel...with a twist....the story actually takes place in our modern time (pretending thats the time God willed it). How the gospel would be like if it was in our generation to get a better understanding what happend.

Jesus would be in nightclubs converting sinners, Pontious Pilate is a presidential leader in a suite in tie, instead of a donkey Jesus comes in a VW, etc. etc.

I’ve hesitated to make the story though because I fear it might be on the blasphemous side

A VW instead of a donkey? No way. Don’t you remember, the disciples all prayed in one Accord? :smiley:

That sounds rather like Godspell. Just use common sense and it shouldn’t be blasphemous.

On the last day of my scripture class, we watched a musical like this, but the “modern” time was the 70s. We didn’t get to see the whole thing, though from what I did see nothing seemed blasphemous.

Oh you beat me to it! :wink:

Omgoodness, that sounds really cool actually! What would be blasphemous about showing a way to make the NT come to life? Especially if you tried to recreate the people as their modern counterparts, in a way. Like, this deciple has this job and these qualities…what would that make him in our day?

Shouldn’t be too hard for St. Matthew, who was a tax collector. Taxes are just as hated today as they were in the Roman Empire! :wink:

To the OP: The idea itself is not blasphemous. However, be careful how you portray the figures (homosexuals, hippies, etc).

HAHAHA!!! Brilliant! :clapping:

Sounds interesting. But I think that Jesus coming today just wouldn’t work. He gave long sermons standing in a boat, or on a hill, or in synagogues. People listened. But now, our attention spans have been so diminished that no one would bother to listen for more than a sound byte. And if he didn’t work a miracle every single time, well, we’d just change the channel.

Perhaps that can be part of his message, in a sense that today’s world doesn’t know patience.

Something like: "The crowd addressed him: ‘Why do you speak so slowly? So long? We have no time for this!’ Jesus then said to them: “I speak like the Kingdom of Heaven, which comes after waiting patiently. Those who rush into this world will see that their life over with no prayers towards God.’”

Something along those lines. :slight_smile:

dang, somebody already made the story!?!? :frowning:

but anyway…the only party I’m having difficulty in is how Jesus would be executed…since crucifixion isn’t used anymore and lethal inject just doesn’t have the same triumphant sacrificial way of dying as dying on the cross.

Perhaps the electric chair? It is an optional method of execution in Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, and Virginia.

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