Would this idea for a tattoo be sacrilegious?

I was thinking of getting the sacred hearted tattooed over where my heart is. I was wondering if that would inappropriate or wrong.

I would not do it. It would imply that you are Christ…because there are all those pictures of Him with the Sacred Heart in His chest. I would be offended if I saw someone walking around with a tattoo like that. I would think they were irreverent.

Why get a tattoo at all? God made you beautiful as you are; no need to add permanent embellishes.

Are tattoo’s wrong? (Full disclosure I wont be getting one at all, I have to be held still for vaccines) I fell like somewhere I read they were

I don’t directly remember a Catholic source, such as the Catechism, stating that they were.

But my Catholic parents always told me that it was wrong because it was like correcting God. You might want to do more research on this. I never have because tattoos are just not my thing, so I have never considered them in depth.

Yea i wont look to far into it, I need to be held still for shots let alone tattoos

Leviticus 19:28 You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh on account of the dead or tattoo any marks upon you: I am the Lord

But do we take all things in Leviticus literally? Catholics eat ham(Catholics can eat ham right?!) And thats in there too

Boy, do we!!! :slight_smile:

Ok so thats not sarcasm right?

I was only pointing out the most common verse used against tattoos… there is the argument that your body a temple, but doesn’t the sistine chapel look pretty with all those colorful pictures on it :wink:

Ok, i thought you actually took that literally

Sir, I am always serious when the topic is about ham!

Good to know, but its not good to know whats in hotdogs, or most foods for that matter

Your body is the Temple of God. Tattooing is an unacceptable way to treat your body, so on that basis alone you should not get the Tattoo. Avoid all of them.

Christ came to free us from the law, he didn’t mention tattoos in his teachings…

Jews are not allowed to have tats. I have never heard that about Catholics.
Depends on how you want to interpret the OT. As a tat is forever, I would check with an apologetic.

I would not get the tattoo you mentioned. A rosary or praying hands is an option. We cannot pick and choose a law in Leviiticus, wow, we’d be in big trouble.

Tattoo’s are a choice, like; breast jobs, nose jobs, body piercings which includes the ear lobes. Dying your hair, etc. Face lift…and the list goes on and on.

When you say we cannot pick and choose a law in Leviiticus do you mean we must follow that book completly?

Do you think it is inappropriate or wrong? I cannot think if anything that says getting a tattoo is “wrong” explicitly. Of course, I know others have referred to Leviticus but I don’t think as Catholics that is binding but it is of such non-consequence that I would only ask yourself since you are the one who will have to live with the thing.

No, someone quoted Leviticus against tattoos, lol.

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