Would this idea for a tattoo be sacrilegious?

Alright thanks for the clarity on that, I agree Leviticus should be taken with a grain of salt

look here on the ask an apologist, they speak about tatoos, and dont say they are wrong.

about your Original Idea it might be of scandal to others if they found it offensive like the first comment, on other hand, i think you should ask a priest about it.

about leviticus, those rules dont apply to us as far as i remember, but better yet ask your priest or someone who has enough knowledge also on this, read it youll find out that it has many rules that we as catholics dont follow anymore, like women on their period being unable to enter the House of God.

my opinion get the Sacred Heart tattoed on your heart, but not with ink but with Eucharist, good works, prayer, etc.

My understanding is that the moral laws of the old covenant are to be upheld, the others like pertaining to not eating certain foods or braiding hair and the infamous tattoo prohibition were to avoid becoming too tainted by other local cultures and no longer apply in the new covenant which was made by Jesus dying on the cross for us. Piercings such as the earlobe and non scandalous tattoos therefore which are acceptable in western culture in general are not a problem usually.

I know this discussion has been going on. For more than 7 years, I have been thinking of getting a tattoo of a Cross with the Alpha and Omega symbols. It’s what we see on a Priest’s garment. I was thinking of either over the chest left side or on the arm. The tattoo would permanently mark where my faith has brought me. The trials I have been through, the struggles I have been through where the Church where the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit has watched over me and kept me from situations. Most recently was given an ultimatum to compromise my faith in the Catholic Church or get out. The more I read looking for an answer to compromise, the more I grew closer to my faith and the more I knew I could not compromise.
From this this Cross tattoo that I would like to get would be an ever constant reminder every morning as I look in the mirror. I’m not perfect, I’m not a great person, I am not active in the Church, I do attend Mass more often than not. In past years and including this one, Lent has seem to find me rather than me picking something to not do or to do.
It is said that our bodies are a temple. People suntan, color their hair, cut their hair, paint nails so much that others think the tan is a natural color of their skin, the hair color treatment is their natural color.
So while the debate goes on, we all have a reason for getting a tattoo. What one priest wrote me after asking to him about this as he mentioned tattoos in Mass.

I was trying to make the point that many who do wear crosses or have tattoos of religious symbols do not wear them with faith, their lives do not witness to the truth those symbols represent. If we use those things to show our faith and our lives, even though not perfect, give witness to our faith that is a good thing.

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