Would this song be considered "bad?"

There is a song from the Matrix Soundtrack called “Clubbed to Death.” It is instrumental with a piano solo. My mom doesn’t want me to listen to it or learn to play it on piano because of the title. I don’t see a problem with it considering that it is instrumental and there isn’t references to sex or drugs or other bad things that many songs nowadays have. The title may not be the best but it was named after the specific scene in the movie. Here it is if you wanted to listen to it, youtube.com/watch?v=Pt-NvcuDVBc. Thanks for your advice.

As to whether or not the music is ‘bad’, I would offer the explanation that the music comes from a musical score designed for a particular film. If she were to look at the DVD extras of Lord of the Rings trilogy, for example, there are titles attached to the various pieces one hears throughout the movie. It’s possible the title for the song you like is attached to a particular scene where either the bad guy or a good got clobbered. In context of the film, it may not have been a ‘bad’ thing to have that happen in storyline, thus the music may represent ‘good’ even though the title sounds ‘bad’.

Still, the bottom line is to respect your mother’s wishes. You don’t have to understand them or agree with them, you need to trust she is setting the limitation for your own good. Trusting and obeying is part of the 4th commandment.

Keep in mind you will be an adult someday and if you find you’re still drawn to that piece you can learn it then.

You might try pointing out that the song title is probably a play on words - the Matrix uses mostly techno, so “clubbed” probably refers to a dance club, so “to death” is probably hyperbole, like saying “i’m danced out.” In that light, taking the title literally would be akin to taking the phrase “I’m starving to death, pass the corn” to mean that if you didn’t get some corn, you’d actually die.

If that doesn’t work, wait until college. Moms are moms, right?

Sadly, some people consider almost everything ‘bad’.

Frankly, I think your mother lacks perspective on this issue, and has probably crossed the line into scrupulosity.

But the most counter productive words ever spoken are ‘lighten up’, guaranteed to have the opposite of the intended effect on anyone you say them to.

And frankly, this particular piece of music isn’t all that unique or lovely-- not worth fighting for, IMO.

Is it bad? YES!!!

Because of the title – No.

Because of the rhythmic beats – No.

Because it is part of a lousy movie with pseudo Buddhism ideology mixed with Plato’s Cave Analogy where Keanu Reeves recieved top billing that spawned two even worse sequels and everything associated with it is therefore bad – YES!!!

…I think all lyricless music is neutral at worst. I didn’t hear lyrics, but, I didn’t listen to it all.

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