Would u let ur son buy this game?

If it said they worship a sun god

what’s its name?


They just said sun god

well, I don’t know.

It might not be bad. It might just be fantasy. But I don’t know.


Depends, really. But my first thought is that a video game with sun god worshipping sounds a heck of a lot tamer than other games out there with glorified sex and violence.

my thoughts as well - but I didn’t want to use the argument “there are worse things out there”.


Does your son understand the difference between a game and his own spiritual faith?

Does your son attend mass with you?

If either response is “yes” - let him buy the game. I suspect he knows the difference between fantasy and reality.

Yeah, I think I know what gme you’re talking about. It’s harmless. Sheltering your kid from fantastic video games doesn’t improve his faith and is frankly impossible anyway. I imagine he has friends that enjoy fantasy role-playing games when he’s with them. If you let him read Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, etc., and he still hasn’t turned into a pagan, there’s good reason to think he’s got a solid head on his shoulders and won’t be affected by playing this video game.

Just one point, I would emphasize: let him buy it. It’s a good way of transitioning kids into learning responsibility and the value of the dollar by having them pay for their own entertainment.

As long as he understands that it is NOT real and is only a game, then he should be allowed.

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