Would u let ur son play this?


Its called sonic the hedgehog and in it they say they worship a sun god


You think he’s likely to really start worshipping a sun god as a result of watching the game?

Besides which, Jesus is called the ‘Daystar’ - what IS the Daystar if not the Sun (that’s the only star visible during the day that I know of!) So the ‘sun god’ can be another name for Jesus, really.


Honestly this game moves so fast i am surprised anyone can actually see the backgrounds. I use to play sonic the hedhog and It reminds me of the old mario bros games.


I have played Sonic since I was a child. I never even knew that any type of worship is alluded to in this game until you mentioned it. To me, it is just a game where a little blue hedgehog rolls up in a ball, tries to collect rings, and defeat the “bad guy.” As far as I know, no worship of any kind (or deity!) is involved! If there is a mention of it in the opening of the game, I either never read it or it played such an unnecessary role (backstory, as opposed to something relevant to beat the game) that I never remembered it.

I say it’s safe to play, and from personal experience, fun! So, I would let anyone play it. :thumbsup:


My son does play Sonic, I’ve never seen it mention worship of anything. He’s just trying to beat up on Eggman


I find myself unable to even look closely at Sonic games after having to live with an obsessive furry and Sonic fan for a week. It was not a pleasant experience, but I didn’t have anywhere else to go.

Oh how I wish I could play them again, the Genesis games were fun (I never did care for the Dreamcast and later additions to the series)… but nooooo, I had to go get it ruined for myself :frowning:

Beyond the Pavlovian revulsion, I have absolutely nothing against Sonic.

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