Would venerating Gandhi be a sin?


It might not be wise, but would it be a sin?


I think honoring someone who is worthy of such honor is fine. However, if you worship Gandhi, now that would be a sin. :wink: There are many people out there who are great role models and the saints are great examples of that, and the Church encourages us to seek their intercession and help. There are also great role models who are not Catholic, but they are admirable because of their heroic deeds or the exemplary lives that they lead. Gandhi is one of them and I don’t think it is a sin to honor him at all. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


There is nothing wrong with honoring Gandhi. He was a great leader and deserves to be honored. To honor someone is not the same as worshipping. We worship God, alone, but there are certainly people we should honor and Gandhi is one of them. When my husband was a little boy he walked with Gandhi and continues to honor him.




Is there a difference in meaning or connotation between venerate and honor? I can’t find one.



Veneration is a religious symbolic act giving honor to someone by honoring an image of that person, particularly applied to saints.


Reverence for a person or object.

I don’t think it’s very easy to venerate Gandhi as he is not religious related to Christianity in one aspect, but he is in another as he preached peace and values similar to Christianity. He was a great man, and should be honoured. It would not be a sin to quote him, live by some of his principles. And to love and forgive as he did.

He fasted, talked about the importance of forgiveness, peaceful demonstrations, he would be a good role model to emulate.

Best check with a priest to fully understand what veneration means.


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