Would working on the construction of a Planned Parenthood building be a sin?

My brother is a construction worker and his company has been hired by Planned Parenthood to work on a new office. Supposedly they will not be doing abortions there. My brother does not want to work on this project but did end up doing so one day when it was the only job available (he does have a family to support). He can ask not to be put on this job in the future but doesn’t know if his request will be granted. Would it be a sin for him to work on this job if it comes up again?

Dear friend,

Whether he works on the building or not, it will still be built. His working on the building is sufficiently removed from what evil transactions that will take place there. But you might suggest that he hide a miraculous medal within the wood, somewhere–and to pray for those who will make use of the building.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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