Would you accept a "freebie"


Here’s one to discuss:

A nationally prominent pizza chain contacted contacts you via email to apologize for poor customer service. Then the local store sends a coupon for a free pizza in a hand addressed envelope. In other words, it wasn’t from a computer generated file.

However, you have no idea what this is about. :shrug: No one made any complaints.

Would you use the coupon if you didn’t “deserve” it?



I would probably contact the local store. Tell them what had happened and there was a mistake. To be honest they probably would say thank you and tell me to keep the coupon and feel free to use it. That way I’m not accepting something that doesn’t really belong to me. Once they say okay it is mine to do with as I wish. Be well.


Sure why not? One chain recently was doing an ad campaign apologizing for something of theirs sucking. Could be such a gimmick or you were linked into something at a time where a blanket group is getting something etc.

If it is asking for soemthing like… idk you to login and put in info I would say no from a safety for you aspect. But on the coupon is either good or not.

So even if some wierd guy sent you a coupon, if it works, it is real. If it is real they already wrote off that money anyway. In that if I cut a coupon out of a oaoer and sent it to you using it is not “stealing”…



Sure, if I liked their pizza.

Sounds like an attempt to get a number of people into the store and eating their pizza in the hopes that some of those people will later buy more pizza. I have no trouble utilizing coupons and the like. The local store in my town has done $10 off coupons in hand-addressed envelopes twice, that I recall.


Yes, I’d use it. (Which probably doesn’t surprise anybody who’s seen me talk about coupons here. :D)

It may not have been about a specific situation that related to you but a reaction to several issues. It may have been that you ordered from them but then didn’t for whatever reason and they want to bring you back, or there’s new ownership/management/significant employee turnover and they want to try again.

The fact that it’s handwritten may have to do with a “personal touch” even if it’s not specific to you. There certainly wouldn’t be anything wrong with using it. I don’t think there’d be anything wrong with using it even if it had been originally intended for someone else and someone at the restaurant made a mistake. :shrug:


That would be the same approach I’d take.


This is that Domino’s thing, right? I saw a commercial about it, and it’s supposed to give people some kickbacks for the fact that they didn’t offer a particular service on the weekends, but now they do. If you’ve ever gotten pizza from Domino’s on a weekend and did;t get the offer they now have, then I guess I would take the coupon. (But, I would never eat a Domino’s pizza…I’m too Italian for that haha :D).

May God bless you all! :slight_smile:


Yeah this sounds like one of those mass “we’re sorry” campaigns. I wouldn’t think anything of it. Your neighbors probably got the same letter.


Sure! I love good deals! :smiley:


Nope, Papa John’s.

We’ll use it, no scrupulousity here.


Coupons are the only way I’ll order pizza anyway. :wink:


Yes. I do it all the time.

I got a dress for nothing: a $10 off coupon, a greatly reduced dress on clearance, and even the clerk had to check and see if there was a mistake.

Got a pearl and onyx bracelet from a well-known jewelers, compliments of my auto insurance company.

Just look for it and you will find all kinds of freebees.


No. But I’m “weird” like that. If it’s not a normal deal that everyone else has access to, then I’m not interested in it. I wouldn’t even be interested if I HAD made a complaint and they gave me a free pizza to make up for it, so long as I wasn’t owed one in justice.


Never encountered that with pizza. But, I’ve once found $3.20 worth of nickles under a bush on my way to class. Later that day, my roommate said something about a friend setting up a scavenger hunt on campus…
Also, I found two cinnamon buns on top of a vending machine. I sure wasn’t going to go looking around for someone with a key to the vending machine to put them back, so I kept them.


Well that kind of pizza anyway. As much as Dominos, Little Caesars, Papa Johns, and those ilk are selling pizza.

Personally if I’m going to get that kind of meh Pizza I go for Costco brand myself. It’s huge and it’s really cheap.


They’re just… sooooo greasy… tasty, but greasy…


If they gave it to you, then it’s a GIFT. Just eat the dang pizza!

You’re not going to be in a lake of fire between Hitler and Cosby, having to explain that you’re in there “because I ate a pizza from Dominos that I didn’t really deserve.”


Yea, I think it’s a marketing campaign and not an error.



I get cash back from my credit cards because I pay off the balance every month.

Have no problems with this.


And as a follow-up…

the free pizza was delish! :smiley:

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