Would you be angry?

if your local library which runs on your tax dollars was buying full season DVD sets of ‘sex and the city’ and ‘the sopranos’ and ‘brokeback moutain’ to loan out to patrons?


Would I be angry? Of course not. The DVDs you mentioned might not be exactly my taste, but they’re well within the mainstream.

My library does have these movies. Am I mad? No. I just choose not to borrow them.

Nope, they do. I love Brokeback Mountain.

i guess i am not mainstream :shrug:

No, somebody who wants to watch them paid tax dollars, too . . . Personally, I stick to the book shelves and avoid DVDs altogether, so even highly moral videos would not be something of which I would take advantage.

I just like to think MY personal tax dollars went to purchase good books. :wink:

true true very good points. thanks!

I don’t know if it’s just because I live in an upper middle class town or what, but everything I’ve ever asked our library to purchase has appeared on the shelves within the next couple months. If there’s something you would like to see, you might be able to get away with asking :smiley:

My library actually displayed in the children’s section he books “Uncle What-Is-It Is Coming to Visit” and “Don’t Make Me Go Back, Mommy”.

No I wouldn’t be angry.

Nope…others who dont share my taste pay taxes as well -THANK GOD e dont live in a theocracy based soley on morals - cuz…WHOSE morals get adhered and whose get trumped in a tx paying society?

My only issue is that R rated movies at libaries only get rented to people 17 or older. Thats as far as I would go.

Sex and the City - hate it - cheesy, bad acting, angst junk
Brokeback Mountain - Good movie
Sopranos - Awesome stuff

Go to the library board in your community with your own suggestions of what you want to see. The decision to purchase specific material is frequently triggered by written requests from library patrons. Have them lay in copies of “The Big Bang,” one of the funniest sit-coms going. Great writing.


Nope - just don’t rent them.

No because as an artist, I don’t believe in gov’t censorship. If I did, I’d have to worry about my rights. It’s a trickle down effect.

A friend (well, a co-worker) was ticked off that our library had a display with all of the Pope’s books (also on CD).
She hmmph’ed and said she hoped the Church paid for the books instead of tax dollars (I looked later, several were gifts) or that they had books with the display representing “the other side”.

To answer the original question, no I wouldn’t be angry. Libraries have to serve everyone. In a way I’m sorry that they carry DVDs at all, but since they do, they have to serve the public taste.

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