Would you be mad if

You were visitor at a Catholic Church and they asked you if you were Catholic because they never seen you before at their Church.

I think some might ask that. One time when I was out of state, I went to church. They didn’t ask me if I was Catholic, only where I was from. I guess it’s the same sort of thing. People are curious.

Thank you. I don’t get offended. My family member did. But I am happy, it’s nice to be greeted. I also think its nice that if I weren’t, I would be informed about the communion rule. Why would you get offended? :shrug:

I voted no but since I wear a large crucifix around my neck most of the time I would have to question their question. :smiley:

As with most questions you could ask of anyone, there are polite ways to ask and blunt ways to ask.

I would not expect to be asked straight out whether I was Catholic, but perhaps where I was from since they hadn’t seen me before, and that can naturally need into whether I am Catholic, via asking about where I usually go to church.

But even if they were blunt, no I would not be mad. There are lots of serious issues in this world to get mad about - this does not strike me as one of them.

As an outsider, I would be relieved to be asked.

The first time I ever went to mass it was by myself, and I was so lost, confused, and embarrassed. People gave me mean looks and made snide comments.

Despite all of my time here, and despite marrying into a Catholic family, I didn’t know what the handshake/greeting thing was. When someone extended their hand I said “I’m BEL, nice to meet you” as he said “Peace be with you” (I think that’s what it was) :o When I realized my error, I wanted to crawl under a rock and die. Then when I couldn’t get the kneeling thing up and made people trip over me on the way to communion…:blush: I left mass in tears of embarrassment.

If someone had noticed that I hadn’t been before and asked me that, I would have loved the chance to admit this was my first time, save face, and maybe get a few words of encouragement. It would have made me feel much better.


I answered yes, but only if there were not a good reason to ask.

With so many things to be mad about in the world this seems like a waste of anger. If you spend your life getting mad over honest mistakes others makes in their appraisal of you then you are going to walk a long and hard road.

What :eek: Why would they do such a thing?

That’s fine, I was raised Catholic and there were many things I didn’t know and I am still learning.

lol (I would have said back, “Peace be with you … and I’m Josh ;)”)

It’s okay BlueEyedLady, there was no need to be ashamed/embarrassed about it.

:frowning: Your too hard on yourself, I am sure none of those people at that Mass were thinking what you thought they were about you. I think a lot of people are simply too shy to say something and I believe people sometimes take that ‘shyness’ as ‘rejection, dislike or disapproving of or something.’ They were probably scared to say something to you and in any case, don’t be so hard on yourself. We have all made silly little mistakes like those before, I’m guilty of it.

One time I went to visit Christ in the Tabernacle at a different Catholic Church than what I am used to. I went in through a side door and walked up the back to the Holy Water (Didn’t see it in the side door at the time) and failed to notice the small “Do not pass this point” sign and accidently set off the alarms in this Church … so there I was … in Eucharistic Adoration with the sound of BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!. lol

And think of it like this, when I turn up at my Pop’s place, I might press the door bell incorrectly or trip on the stairs on my way up, but he doesn’t really care about that, he’s just happy that I turned up for a visit, he’s just happy to see me. It’s the same when you go to Mass, or stop by for Eucharistic Adoration. :slight_smile:

All I can say is I wish I was there. :slight_smile:

I am sure BlueEyedLady, that none of the people there were judging you as harshly as you were judging yourself and besides, we worship a God of Love and Mercy, that looks on our hearts. :slight_smile:

God Bless You

Thank you for reading

Depends on how its asked and what the apparent intention is behind it, as with everything. Normally though, I would not be offended at all.

Surely not, I would be pleased to answered, and amused :smiley:

I believe the Lutherans and Anglicans will also wear crucifixes, so it’s still a possibility. However, you are probably right - Catholic is usually the assumption from there.

Personally I wouldn’t be offended. I would probably wonder why they asked…but I wouldn’t be offended.

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