Would you buy this?


just wanted everyone’s opinions…several years ago a co-worker gave me a recipe for homemade burritos. they are super good. about 2 years ago she decided to start selling them here at work to make extra money. she makes a ton of sales. anyway, DH and I need to pump up our income and I was considering doing the same. of course, I’d NEVER tread on her teritory and I’m considering selling at my husband’s school ( he’s a teacher)which is about 2.5 hours away. she sells for $15/doz but I’d probably start at $12/doz to get some customers. they freeze great and are big enough for a good lunch or a snack. any thoughts? thanks-twk


Yeah, I would. We used to have a friend that sold frozen homemade enchiladas for some extra money, and they were absolutely delicious! Much better than what you get in the store, and healthier, since they were homemade with no preservatives. I wish I could still get some.


I don’t know that I would buy personally but I know tons of people in my office that would buy. Get a ton of hungry office employees stuck at their desk and they take any food coming in their direction. Not sure how it would do at a school but the teachers might go for it. Homemade food is much cheaper than resturaunt and more convenient than having to go out somewhere if you have no time. Convenience will sell!

Good luck with your sales if you decide to pursue it.


**So she gave you the recipe *before ***she went into business with the same recipe? Does she know you are considering selling “her” product?

Honestly I am not sure of your moral obligations. Strictly business speaking though you obviously have a winning idea (as long as you thoroughly research things like being sued for food poisoning:eek:)

Maybe, if this isn’t exactly the moral thing to do, you two could go into business together as partners?



Yeah I would buy the burritos for sure! Home made is so much better than packaged and I have a hard time finding good quality frozen burritos at any grocery store.


Well, I am a vegetarian, so if they didn’t have meat in them I would. I love Mexican food, and can not find anything close to authentic in the grocery freezer.
The only concern I would have is the school might have a lot of fundraising going on and not take too kindly to your husband selling things, even if the school isn’t selling food.


Yes, I would buy them. I think it’s a great idea…I made organic pies last year for Christmas time, and put an ad in our parish bulletin, and I made a lot from it…surprisingly. If you do end up going ‘big time’ then, you’ll have to have a license, yadda yadda yadda…but, selling at your husband’s school seems like a group you can trust, they can trust you. I say–GO FOR IT! I wish you great success!:slight_smile:


Mmmmmm, you are making me hungry! :slight_smile:


Since your friend has her own little business going I would not sell them, even if not in her territory. Who knows? She might become the next Mrs. Field – that is, Mrs. Sanchez!

Maybe you have a great recipe of your own or could develop one.


Actually before I started doing this I would talk to her about it. Let her know you are looking at selling them somewhere else, but talk to her first. Maybe even get a written agreement that should she go totally commercial with these burritos you will stop selling them or join in the commercial venture - sometimes it is easier to “go commercial” with a partner:D.

Brenda V.


I suppose if I knew the person was clean, I might.

If it was someone who lets their cat walk on the kitchen counter, then no way.

Be careful, there could be health dept regulations for people cooking at home and selling the food. —KCT


If you’re in the northwest Detroit metro area I have an address for you. Food coming to my desk (and at a dollar per burrito?!) would be heavenly.


:rotfl: I hear ya about cats on the counter! lol

If you do advertise in a small paper, you will have to have a license, health permit, bla bla…it can get a bit dicey, but with people you know at the school…I liken it to a bake sale. Again, OP–GOOD LUCK:)


I would definitely talk with her about it first before using her recipe to make money. Perhaps you could come up with your own recipe to sell something?


Not only would I buy them, I HAVE bought them from people with whom I work, along with tamales not made in a factory.

The resident philosopher/ ethicist (my husband- he is a real philosopher, an aristotelean phenomonologist, just like St. Benedicta of the Cross, honest!) says that it is not an ethical violation if she already gave you the receipe, and you are not encroaching on her “territory”.


Hey, that’s my house you’re talking about! :wink: But I always wipe the countertops down with santizing wipes before I prepare food on them – and the cats are exiled to the den when dinner guests are present.

I probably wouldn’t buy something like that myself, mostly because I’m kind of a nut about prepared foods – I cook mostly from scratch and almost never buy frozen entrees, canned soups, etc., even at the grocery store. But if you showed up at my workplace with those yummy-sounding burritos, they would go like wildfire with my coworkers. I’d just advise you to check on any health dept. regulations, and if you have any sort of close relationship with the lady who gave you the recipe, you might want to check with her to see if it’s OK, telling her what you told us.

Good luck and God bless!


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