would you consider this a sin?

sometimes I wind up saying things that are slightly untrue without realizing it. or it could be scrupulosity talking.

i’ll give an example, went to confession yesterday morning and then helped with a bottle drive to raise money for the next up coming world youth day trip.

when I got home, my mom asked me if I had washed my hands when I got in the house. she’s pretty gung-ho about that sort of thing. a phobia of germs, you could say. I was tired and hadn’t even gotten a chance to take my coat off yet. and she more like scolded instead of asked. so I said I already did. but what I meant ot say was that I had done it a couple times at church during the day but it didn’t really come out that way. I hadn’t felt the need to do it again right when I walked in the door. I still feel like I told a lie though. and just after getting out of confession too. I don’t really think my intention was to deceive her but I could just be deceiving myself in thinking that.

I still received communion today though and I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t have.

this happens quite often with me that something will come out in a way that I didn’t intend or i’ll realize that it was not taken the right way and ended up being untrue

any thoughts? should I go back to confession?

You only need confession for mortal sins. You can confess venial sins if you want but you don’t have to. Remember it has to be grave matter to be a mortal sin, which this wasn’t. I think you are being scrupulous for thinking that one sin would keep you from communion. It’s good to dislike sin, but make sure you aren’t overestimating the seriousness of it…

this has more to do with your relationship with your mother, than lying about washing your hands. hopefully, over time, she will not exasperate you and get under your skin so much, and you don’t have to be on the defense all the time. God bless.

you’re probably right, I don’t know what to do about ti though. it’s always one thing or another. i try to improve things but it just doesn’t seem to work

No, that was not a mortal sin, as you didn’t have deliberate consent to lie. If you’d thought about it for a long time, then purposely decided to tell the lie, then it would still come down to meeting the conditions of grave matter and full knowledge. A mortal sin requires ALL three conditions to be met:

1- Grave matter
2- Full knowledge
3- Deliberate consent

You say a good Act of Contrition before receiving Holy Communion, right? That takes away any venial sins, so you did not receive unworthily. The Bible says even the just man falls seven times a day. But we should still strive to eliminate our venial sins. Good luck and God bless you.

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