Would you consider this taking the innocence away from a child?


  1. Do you think this is wrong? Yes? No?
  2. Why?
  1. Yes.

  2. Children should not be taught to hate their neighbors, nor to swear, nor to make rude hand gestures. To me, this seems self-evident.

I don’t know if it’s morally wrong or not, but that picture leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.

However…the Celtics DO suck.

This post made me laugh.

I understand your sentiments, but doesn’t it depend on the context of the situation? This is being done in regards to sports – “hate” in sports, I feel, is healthy. It’s fun. It feels good to be on sides and root against another side. I think this picture is actually very funny. This kid giving them the bird didn’t really mean anything by it, he’s just “hating” on an opposing team…

Is your issue with it that you feel like he’s being exploited?

I’ve seen that kid wearing every sports jersey imaginable.

haha ya i know, but I’m pretty sure that it was originally at a sporting event

Then please explain their Eastern Conference Championship. Go Celtics. Beat LA.

Check this baby out


Indonesian baby smokes 40 cigs a day Waaay wrong

Its like watchin a bad train wreck


Yes, it is definitely taking the child’s innocence away and it is definitely wrong. Nobody, not even children, should be taught to be hateful, do rude hand gestures, and act so rude! I don’t care if it is a sporting even, it’s still wrong.

I have to ask, is this being taken out of context? Is the child simply holding up their middle finger? I used to hold my middle finger up all the time because I had a burn scar on it that hurt to bend it into a fist.

Anywaaaaay, if this image is true, then yeah, I’d say it is taking this kid’s innocence, and its probably going to cause some future problems. Imagine how this kid will behave when they hit the teen years? I know someone who’s 3 year old says naughty words and behaves in naughty ways and their mum thinks its cute. Yeah, well, its probably not going to be cute when they tell their teacher to F off when they start school or when they hit 16.

I think its not just the removal of innnocence, i think its irresponsible.

That’s disgusting. i feel so bad for that child… :frowning:

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