Would you date/marry a non-Catholic?


Would you date/marry a non-Catholic, like a Protestant?


I married one - a Methodist (non-practicing) who attends Mass weekly with me and our children, who agreed to raise our children in the faith. Who is starting to walk and talk more like a Catholic of late. :thumbsup:

I will say that I have only pretty recently (last year or two) that I’ve taken my faith as seriously as I should. I don’t think that it would have changed my mind on my choices (dating/marrying non-Catholic). I do pray for his conversion now though, because I love him and want him to be on this journey with me.


If he were the right man, yes!
God leads us to people for a reason, sometimes it doens’t matter if you’re Catholic, protestant, or blue- you’re just supposed to meet each other, learn from each other and grow with each other. And that’s the way God wants it, obviously, or it wouldn’t happen!


Yes I would, religion is not an automatic problem. While dating a Catholic makes some things easier (e.g. the more serious it gets), any woman is up for consideration.


With me being where I am on my faith journey, I’d prefer to marry a Catholic. In other words, I might be troublesome and I need my future wife to keep me on the right path. :slight_smile:


While I do not see an issue with inter-faith relationships as a whole, I personally would not be inclined to date/marry a non-Catholic nor would I date/marry a Catholic in name only. My faith is such that it is a part of who I am and would have a terribly hard time relating and developing an intimate relationship with a woman who did not espouse similiar beliefs. Again, this is not to deride the faith life of those involved in inter-faith relationships, it is just that God has not given me the grace to handle one.


I did and we have a strong, loving relationship. The only thing is to decide ahead of time issues such as the children’s religion.






Nope, I wouldn’t.

I wasn’t Catholic when my husband and I started dating, but I wanted to be one. I asked him to take me to church before we even started dating.


No. I mean, I did marry a non-catholic Christian, if given the chance again, would not.


NO. To do so is to put your desires in front of God’s.

To do so is to put Mother Church’s** loving** advice behind your own. So you are really saying to God, that you know better than Him.

There is a GOOD reason why Mother Church teaches what she does. Don’t go happily skipping into a mixed marraige thinking it will all be okay— that is testing God, which is a sin.

And for once, will someone please stand up for all the children who are products of these mixed marriages? Just DON’T DO IT for their soul’s sake, okay? You have no idea. You have NO idea.


How do you know that? The Church intends that spouses help each other to heaven, and the Bible states that the unbelieving spouse is sanctified by the believing spouse. It seems very arrogant to presume that God could not possibly intend for a non-Catholic to be brought into the Church following his or her marriage to a Catholic. I mean, really, you’re assuming that the spouses are only marrying for selfish reasons, which is detraction, and that God did not will these unions, which is presuming to know the mind of God.


Um that’s me screwed then - I married my wife who is Orthodox after several years of knowing her because I respected her morals and felt happy and complete with her and when I had a bad day I knew she would try and be there to support me and vice versa.

My father who is a devout Catholic thinks she is the best thing to ever happen to me as he knows for many years I was over absorbed in work and due to earlier severe family problems i spent the last 10 years working to rebuild the family home from the bottom up for him and I know he felt guilty as he thought I had little life of my own as a result.

I don’t see my relationship with my wife as 'testing ’ God - I see it as God offering me the companionship of a good and decent person -not a perfect person - neither she I or would claim to be anything of the sort but we try and support each other and look after each other.

As we would like kids in the next year or two our point of view is this both the Orthodox and Catholic faiths are valid ways to God and if the kids choose either one I’m not going to be upset - if they choose neither they would still be our kids and my wife and I do not see our respective churchs as the only way to God in any case.


Then what goes through your mind when you read that the Church has always asked that marriages be between Catholics?
It is only something new that the Church as begun to allow more and more mixed marriages.
What do you say about Holy Scripture then when it comes to what God has said about mixed marriages? Do you think God has changed? Remember, Jesus said he has come to fulfill the law but not to abolish it.
Yes, St. Paul, in what he was saying meant that if you were already yolked with an unbeliever then you were to help the other to the Faith. This was not something about what you can do BEFORE you get married. St. Paul also said we are not to be unequally yolked.
What is your definition of FAITH? Of what purpose is the Catholic Church to you if you decide to go your own way? Do you not consider the teachings on the Church about the purpose of a marriage?
Yes, feelings are a must… but it has to be more than feelings. You seem to propose that just because you have feelings of love, that it is from God. And that means you’ve got the OK to jump right in without proper regaurds to Church teaching.


Simple answer: no.

Complex answer: I want Catholic children and I don’t want to spend my married life in constant defense of the faith.



Not unless they were serious about starting RCIA and becoming Catholic.


My feelings are that if the Church allows it, I am not going to question the wisdom of Holy Mother Church, nor am I going to doubt the workings of God. Do you?


Near occasion of sin would prohibit it.


:confused: Prohibit…what? You didn’t specify.

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