Would you die for your religious beliefs?

I would certainly be willing to die for my faith, and I believe there are many other Catholics who would. But now look at Islam where many Muslims feel the West is compromising their faith and forcing cultural change. It’s happening as we speak, and I suspect that Western ills like porn and abortion will become easily accessible to them. Not that I support the violence committed by any extremism, but I can empathize with the fears of non-violent Muslims.

We live in a world where people die for their religion every day. The problem is, not nearly enough are living for it.

Well said!:thumbsup:

I wouldn’t die for my religion, but I would die for my God.

This was my thought as well. I wouldn’t die for “beliefs”. I will be obedient to Jesus, who said if we love Him, we will keep His commandments. I will never deny Him or the truth, even if it costs me my life. I pray the Lord will give me courage if my life is ever demanded of me.

To paraphrase Gen. Patton, I’d rather make the other guy die for his.

Nicely stated.


I don’t presume that I would be able or willing to. Martyrdom is a grace.

I would not fight or kill, however.


I would definitely be willing for die for Christ and His Church. I just pray that He grabs me the strength to do so! Amen! :slight_smile:

It’s kind of a vague question. What do you mean by “die for your religious beliefs”?
That could encompass anything from pistols at dawn because someone insulted your faith…to being burned at the stake because you refuse to lie about what you believe or be forced to change it (or at least, *say *you will change it).

I think it would be foolish to die for one’s religious beliefs just out of pride or stubbornness. A person can do much more good by staying alive and working at making the world a better place while actually HERE.

I think I would die rather than be forced to *do *something against my own morals/ethics. If someone forced me to kill another, I probably would choose to die rather than kill. And I also think I’d rather save the life of someone I love rather than my own.
But…these are not religious beliefs.

What would be an example of someone dying for their religious beliefs where it does some good?
Under what circumstances?


i don’t think this is a proper question for this forum

no one knows how they will’ve responnded under duress

were i OP i would just pray to the Holy Spirit that should such a trial face you that you’d’ve responded in the way God wills

Kind of a wooly statement. The $64,000 question is another matter.

And you could put that another way: ‘Would you allow others to die for your faith’.

If required to deny the Faith, or suffer punishment or death, I would take the course of St. Stephen. Period.

What does that mean, “deny the faith”?

If someone said to you, “admit Christianity is false or I will kill you!”…and you have a spouse and a bunch of kids to take care of and love…you would rather die than just say it without meaning it and stay alive for them?


“She could never be a saint, but she thought she could be a martyr if they killed her quick.”

-Flannery O’Connor

^This. :slight_smile:

God is more important than the wife and kids, so imo, Id say it would best to NOT deny your faith no matter what.

The bible warns us there will come a time when our faith will be tested, many will suffer from torture, arrest, death due to his name. Those that would deny their faith just so they can maintain their earthly life/ lifestyle/ quality of life, do not have true faith imo.(they would be sort of be ‘going along’ to get along).

However, like another poster stated, no one can guess how they will act when under duress, and I would imagine when the time God spoke about comes to fruition, it will definitely not be an ‘easy’ thing to deny the faith, Im sure the enemy will use every trick he has to fool as many as possible into denying God, anything and everything will be used.

If put into the position to die for my faith I truly hope and pray that I would have the courage a strength of spirit to be a St Thomas More, but I wouldn’t know unless it actually became a real situation. I do know I wouldn’t kill anybody over my faith, of that I am absolutely sure.

Well I mean even if I lived i still would believe in god :wink:

but for the serious answer, yes I would

People have been dying for their faith for the last 2000 years…and will continue to do so until Jesus Christ returns…it’s nothing new…for the individual it might come down to how you would die for your faith…being shot might sound a lot easier than being told you are going to be burned at the stake or fed to the lions or even more horrific forms of torture and death…only those who have truly endured martyrdom for their faith know the answer to that question …and they are in heaven

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