Would you drive/purchase a hybrid car?


We don’t–yet-but are thinking of our next car to be one. But, before doing so…I wanted to hear from some of you–if you have one, if not, would you buy one? If no, why not?

If you have one–do you love it? We were looking at some of the SUVs and they have come a long way with the body styles of these things.

Look forward to your replies.:slight_smile:


Well, they cost a little more, but I think that it’s a little thing to do to help the environment a little.


I don’t think we should say that one “must” buy a hybrid car, but I think that they are a good investment for yourself, especially with rising gas prices, and they help America reduce dependence on foreign oil, which is a good thing, and they also help reduce pollution.

It’s a good buy all around.


Hi! I am already starting to think of this myself. I can’t justify continuing to use oil/gas, a limited and harmful resource, without thinking of ways to ‘do without.’ If only I could ride my horse to work! :slight_smile:

From a practical standpoint, I also have to think warranties and reliability. The Prius just gets such great ratings. A slightly used, still under warranty car is my ideal… something 1-2 maybe even 3 years old, if the mileage was low.

By the way, I have to keep reminding myself that there are some cars out there that aren’t hybrid but get almost the same gas mileage like the Ford Focus… I’m still doing the research but anyway, that might help you guys. Good luck with the search and God bless!


As soon as they make the Jeep Liberty in a hybrid I’m there for sure. :thumbsup:



With gas prices today at $3.45/gallon,I sure am interested that’s for sure!
We’re not looking for a different vehicle as we have to have the 8 passenger van we have to transport the family to and fro.
Maybe in a few years,when we downsize,it might be in the realm of possiblity.
I’ve read there is a tax credit or something for a hybrid car-does anybody know anything about that?
I carpool for just about everything I do (kids’ activities) and never shop more than 2 miles from home.Other than that,I don’t know what else I can do these days.:shrug:


Check to see if the tax incentive for hybrids has been renewed - I’m sure that will help recoup the costs.

The Ford Escape hybrid has good mileage, but if you want to tow anything, you may be out of luck, as the Ford reps at the Chicago auto show said that it is not recommended to tow anything using a 4-cylinder engine.

Hybrids by GM do not come with a spare tire, but rather a tire inflation kit.

Additionally, look for hybrids to come out soon that offer “plug in” chargers.


No box for “Have never bought a new car, once someone else takes the depreciation & they are available used at a realistic price I’d consider one” :slight_smile:


I’m baby sitting my nieces for a few days and their dad owns a toyota dealership (and a lexus dealership)…he’s letting me borrow a brand new Prius hybrid while I’m watching them because I don’t have a car of my own…that little car is sweet! Its a little different feeling because I’m used to driving my mom’s Ford Escape which has a 6 cylinder engine, this car only has a 4 cylinder. I love how quiet it is, you can’t even hear it running. I’d have one if I were in the position to be getting a car.


I work on a college campus, and the Toyota Prius is probably the most common car amongst faculty. I don’t own one, but those that do seem very happy with them.


My daughter and son in law have done lots of research, test drives, etc., and are buying a Honda Civic hybrid this week. They had considered the Toyota Prius and test drove it, but found that there was a real blind spot which they didn’t like. They also felt the Honda had a more spacious backseat area. They are both very environmentally conscious and frugal. I like that the Civic is built like a tank and has great crash tests.


I just bought a Honda Civic Hybrid - after my PT Cruiser was brutally murdered by a large pick up truck while carting me to work one day. I loved that car…it was my 2nd Cruiser and the 2nd time I walked away from a rear end collision that could have been really awful. The first one was repaired and is now the proud carter-arounder of my 19 yr old nephew (and has 180k on it) but this time I had to face the facts…I needed something with great mileage. I have a 2 hr commute (one way) and with gas prices…so, I did tons of research with the help of a friend and then test drove both the Prius and the Civic. I liked the Civic because it is more like a traditional car … and so far I have put over 200 miles on it and put in 4 gal of gas…


They are expensive. As expensive as gas is, I am not sure if they are cost effective at this time.
We had one as a rental, a Prius. It was great. It took time getting used to, starting the engine and stopping while driving, but it was great for gas and a smooth ride once you were used to it.
I am also not sure what repairs are like.
Our little 8 year old SUV has over 120,000 miles on it, and we are keeping our fingers crossed that it holds up for awhile. We wouldn’t think of buying a new car, hybrid or not, unless we had to.


I think Hybrids are great, but I agree with what others have said about the cost of having one. Not only are they expensive, but what happens when the transmission breaks? I was listening to the radio one day and a woman was talking about when she had to replace the transmission in her Prius, it was in the ballpark of $3000. :eek: I hear that the parts for these things are through the roof.

I suggest going biodiesel. :slight_smile: DH and I have diesels and (when we have the time) we put thinned out fryer oil in our vehicles. DH hasn’t had a chance to make it in a while so in the meantime we’re buying regular diesel at almost $4 a gallon! :mad:


I haven’t quite figured out yet just what a hybrid is but I have noticed the gas mileage is less than I would assume it should be. Is this a gas/ethanol mixture that it uses? A couple years ago, people discovered around here that they can’t find pumps with the mixture. And, what’s the reason these cars need to be more expensive? The cost of vehicles is ridiculous really.


The hybrid we had took regular gas. It had a small gas tank, maybe 10 gallons(?). They don’t use gas driving under 25 mph.


Hi Liza–yeah, they are really coming along with these body styles…Saturn and Lexus have jumped on board–impressive, I thought. Remember how ugly these cars used to be? Not that I need to drive around in something ultra chic, but they were really small and ugly.:stuck_out_tongue:


We thought of buying one when it was time for a new car (after a drunk hit my husband’s car and totalled it :mad: ). But they are expensive, and not nearly as fuel-efficient as they claim to be.

Instead we bought a Toyota Yaris, and we LOVE it. While it’s not for big families (we can get two of our kids in the back easy), it is a GREAT car for my husband to drive to work, or for long trips when only one of us is going. It seems like it can go forever on one tank, and is so fun to drive. Even though it’s a small car, it was even comfortable when i was 9 months pregnant to get in and out (easier than my Saturn four door, actually). It doesn’t have cruise control, but you get used to that. And it was so inexpensive that we have already paid it off, a year after we bought it! :extrahappy: A Prius, I’m sure, we would still be paying on.


I would LOVE to! I just wish they had more hybrid options… like minivans! :smiley:


I will when a hybrid, but only when they have been thoroughly tested by more daring consumers -say in three years time. I hate to be a guinea pig:)

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