Would you ever get married on New Year's Eve?


I just saw one of those wedding shows where the couple got married on New Year’s Eve…and my brother did too (got married on New Year’s, I mean).
Would you? Why or why not?


As long as this was going to be a proper Catholic wedding held in a church, why not? The only thing that might be a problem is Michigan weather – this last New Year’s Eve, we had a huge snowstorm, and I wouldn’t want my guests to risk having to drive in that. But I certainly wouldn’t get married on a TV show.


I was just thinking that there are pros and cons to marrying on a major world holiday-weather might certainly be one of those cons in the North!:smiley:

But, a pro would be that most people would be available to come and off of work…


There could be some major problems getting a reception hall, caterer, and musicians, unless you had the wedding early in the day and were going to have everything wrapped up by late afternoon. And you might have to pay extra for having it on a holiday.


Yes, getting vendors might be tough, especially the DJ or band…


In certain Eastern churches one cannot get married during the fast of advent all the way up to Epiphany. I can’t get married New Year’s eve.


No, I wouldn’t.

My friend’s brother did it. I think that is inconsiderate. It’s a holiday right after the celebration of Christmas.

Unless it was a very close family member, I wouldn’t attend a wedding on New Year’s Eve.


One of DH’s good friends got married on New Year’s Eve. In Corpus Christi, Texas.

It was humid and 80 degrees at MIDNIGHT!!!

The wedding Mass was held in the Catheral, still decked out in the Christmas decoration (they saved money on THAT!) and the reception went on well past midnight. It was the best New Year’s Eve party we’d ever been to. But I don’t think I’d want to tie my anniversary date up to a holiday.

We got married on July 2nd, and people think we did it for the July 4th holiday, but it was actually in honor of my DH’s maternal grandmother’s birthday. He was very close to her and she died when he was young and he wished she could have been at our wedding.


I’d get married any old day of the year, as long as it was to the right man!

However, having heard about the logistical problems of holiday weddings, New Year’s Eve may not be the best choice. I’ve always kind of wanted a summer wedding anyway.


Well I was really close! We got married on December 30th. :smiley:
And then 2 years later we were blessed with our first son being born on New Years Eve! Hey… we got the tax credit! :wink:

The only downside I can see for the wedding is planning the reception… events can book up quickly, and charges may be higher… so the basic logistics may be a little complicated.

But overall it can be an awesome experience! Even if it’s an evening wedding, the guests still have plenty of time to go out to the midnight parties, etc.

The only difficulty over the years has been remembering our anniversary during the busiest season of the year… often it gets pushed to the back burner when other things get busy… with Christmas, my son’s birthday, and New Years festivities…

But I have no complaints in the least! :slight_smile:


My parents got married on Jan 2nd. The chose this date because many family members had returned to Ireland for the Christmas/New Year holiday.


Em - we got married on Dec. 30th as well in North Dakota! As for weather, well there was a blizzard two days before our Wedding that pretty much hit the tri-State area of ND/SD/MNand the Parish had a Wedding on Dec. 29 as well! We had the reception in the basement of the Church, no DJ, no dancing (never even planned for it) and then everyone who wanted to went on over to my parents house for more food and fun.

Brenda V.


no, and spend the rest of my life watching football bowl games on my anniversary? no thanks


My wife wouldn’t have to worry about that. I hardly watch sports at all.

As for getting married on New Years Eve…I wouldn’t mind.

In fact, my ideal time isn’t that far off.

January is the perfect time to get married.
Mostly because my ideal honeymoon spots will have hardly any people.
Trust me, go to Knotts Berry Farm, and Disneyland in late January…the lines empty in 30 seconds.


we went to Niagara Falls for a 2nd honeymoon in the winter–spectacular views you never see in the summer, of the frozen falls and spray, lights at night, and best hotels are cheap rates


I’d be thrilled to be invited to a NYEve wedding. That would take the pressure off of “what to do”. I think if you planned it far enough in advance and got the band and all - what do they care - it’s a guaranteed crowd!

Around here we have the weather issue as well.


I think it could be a fun reception, but I’d be most concerned about guest accomodations, people driving home that night, and airfares on a holiday…


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