Would you hide a blessed victim Jewish person?


I read a book about the holocaust…and I am going to call those poor, brave victims “blessed people.” God bless each and every one of those dear, honorable, brave souls.

does’nt holocaust literature make you upset?

Say if you were living exactly like you are now except in WWII Germany or Poland would you hide a jewish person somewhere if they needed help and you had a place to hide them?


I would without a doubt!
Now my family…not so sure…

Interesting thread, thanks. :slight_smile:


I voted yes. But I know I would only have the courage to do so with the help of God’s grace.


I couldn’t do it on my own, I probably wouldn’t have the courage to…or worse knowing me I may just ignore it

If I lived by myself I definately would
with my family I would make sure all evidence points to me instead of them if I get caught


I like to think I would but it’s one of those “I don’t know until I’m placed in that situation” deals. Especially if I’d be putting my own family in danger by doing so. It would be a little easier to choose if I only had my own live to give up. But my husband and children as well? It’s a very VERY difficult choice and I’m not going to pretend to have that kind of courage.

So I honestly don’t know.


Yes, I definitely would have hid a Jewish person from the Nazis.


I read many books about the holocaust. Some of the victims were Jewish. Some say six million. That may be but if it is then they did not suffer the most victims. The Polish lost about 10 million catholics. In Russia they say about 50 Million Catholics were put to death during and after the war. Read “The Gulag Archepelago” Five million escaped Russians were gathered in Europe and returned under agreement to Russia by England, USA, France and Canada all the allies legally approved this return of escaped Russians who it is believed where all executed for treason. Over 42 Million people died as a direct result of the second world war.

Today many catholic people in various countries are made homeless, imprisoned and killed in countries like Sudan, North Korea, Vietnam and China just to mention a few. This victimhood has never stopped it is alive today. We will someday recognise there people as martyrs because their primary crime is being catholic under a moslem or communist regime.

If the question was would I try to protect a person of any nationality or creed or color from unjust persecution the answer would be overwhelmingly yes. Our church under the direction of the Holy Father during the second world war used our religious orders and contacts with various underground organizations to help over 60,000 Jewish people escape from the countries then persecuting them.

We should fight injustice whether against any member of any race, color or creed. Whether by a foreign nation our own government or just a local gang. This may even include how our own children treat others at school. All injustice is a sin. “Be ye afraid of nothing except sin.”


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