Would you like people like Billy Graham in the RCC?

I look at some of his classic preaching programs of TBN. I wish we had people like him in the Catholic Church. The late bishop Fulton J. Sheen was like the Billy graham of the Church, but I wish we had more people like him. What do you think?

I would like to see Everyone in the RCC. :smiley:

What’s more I’d like to see everyone in the RCC to be faithful to the magisterium and to the Holy Father.

I’d like to see everyone as devout and Christ centered as possible.

Oh what a world that would be.



I would say there are some people out there who are not as popular as Fulton Sheen, but clearly as well spoken. A few which come to mind are Fr. Corapi and Fr. Barron (Word on Fire Ministries). With Fr. Corapi, you get the “straight up” story. Fr. Barron is more of the philosopher. He dissect something and match it up to Catholic metaphysics (in a remarkably easy way to understand) and then say this is why the Catholic Church has the truth.

While there are eloquent speakers for the faith out there, it would be great if there was someone who “caught the imaginations” of the people as much as Fulton Sheen did. I would say the closest we came to that was Pope John Paul-II


We have Mother Angelica!

And Father Corapi…:slight_smile:


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