Would you like the Old dates to resume for epiphany an ascension thurs?

It seems like this might happen in the UK…England might be leading the way back to a more traditional dating of the 2 feasts…I am very impressed with those Bishops:)

The bishops of England and Wales will decide at their November meeting whether to reverse a 2006 decision and transfer the celebration of the Epiphany and the Ascension from Sunday back to their traditional days. If the transfer is approved, January 6 and Ascension Thursday will again become holy days of obligation.

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it would be nice if it was changed. As it is now we have Vigil and evening Masses, so it is easier for working people to attend.

And there will always be people that don’t go, just as they don’t attend Mass on Sunday. I would also like meatless Fridays to be reinstated, as well as prayers to St. Michael after Mass. Our TLM Mass does have the prayers, but don’t understand why it’s not said more often after the others.

I think it is good to go to extra masses when offered and people will ,once they get used to it again

Well I sure would . In my case as a Byzantine Catholic we are required to attend on Ascension Thursday, Sunday after doesnt cut it. Anyhow the Byzantine Parish being a good distance away I will attend a Latin Rite parish on that day, no the readings wont be about Ascension Thursday but I am still bound to observe the feast on Thursday. It sure would be nice if Holy Days were switched back to being celabrated on the day they actually occur.
My own personal reasons aside, I really think people need to make the effort to attend church on the Holy Days. These are important feastdays of the Church and people need to make that extra effort to attend. Just my :twocents:


I think we lost far more than we gained by the change.

In the United States the bishop decides for his diocese.

Most definitely. We learn nothing about our faith by having it rearranged for convenience. Instead we are simply being told that it is not worth going out of our way for, and too many people are learning just that.

Hooray for more traditional Catholicism!

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