Would You Like to Help Me Out?

Would You Like to Help Me Out?
I’ve been in the wonderful world of blogging for about two years now – or should I say, “not so wonderful”?

It started with our St. Anne’s Scoop late in November of 2014. The following February, after discussion with our superior, Sr. Ann Marie, I began this blog, Our Franciscan Fiat.

Although I have a background in writing, writing these posts does not always come easily to me.

Sometimes, such as this evening, I want to post something to maintain my schedule, but I cannot find any inspiration.

So, I thought…why not ask my audience?

What do you think? What would you like to read about?

I have created a handy-dandy form which I would encourage you to fill out for me.

PS: While I’m getting your help with the blog, might I also ask the help of your prayers or any pointers you might have on another topic?:

I’ve been asked to speak at a men’s and women’s discernment retreat this coming weekend and I am not accustomed to much public speaking. We are to share our stories and talk about the meaning of religious life. It is sponsored by the NDSU Newman Center, but open to men and women aged 18-30.

Thanks and God bless you!

Thank you for the link! I’ve never been to their website until this morning, though I’ve read some of their posts here.

I LOVE their sweet and simple blog! My life as a single mom and public school teacher is so hectic – but the blog just gives me a simple and quiet moment to reflect.

God bless you.


…Mom was a very devote Catholic… she was a member of ‘you name it!’

…she was above all her devotions… a Franciscan of the Third Order… she was fully devoted… before the local Franciscan Church closed she initiated three of her friends… her dying wish was to be buried in the habit (old order from the Dominican Republic which includes the robe, the rope, the crucifix and the scapulars).

…though I’m not into surfing much… I would be willing to help you with the writing blockage (inspiration)…

…as for public speaking… there’s a need of skill… but only when doing it professionally; when you are engaging people in a religious context it is different (I don’t mean that mediocrity should be aspired/rewarded); Jesus told His Disciples not to worry about setting up a defense (when brought to judgment/court) that they should rely on the Holy Spirit, Who would speak for them…

I find that if you truly are interested in serving our Lord, you will gain the ability as you make your presentations… be clear and concise… do not engage in the “me” and “it’s all about me;” yeah, even in such oratory where its about you… relate to the people that which involves you but make it so that it is also about them… think about what it is that you want them to take with them… surely not a fondness of your experience but of your relationship with God… relate to them that they can also achieve that same connection with God from their own Vocation (Religious, Priesthood, marriage, single…); show them that God guides us and, as with Abel, will fully embrace their Gift of Love.

…if you can, bring an informative flyer about Vocations and include a printout of a prayer for the Priesthood and other Vocations.

[FONT=“Palatino Linotype”][size=]Merry Christmas!
Maran atha!


Thanks for your response - I just saw this! :slight_smile:

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