Would you like to play the question game?

Respond to the last post (or at least to an earlier post).
Every post must be a question.

Would you like to play the question game now?

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Why should I want to do that?

Because it’s fun?

Don’t you want to have fun?

No, I don’t think so?

Won’t you just give it a try?

Don’t know how sorry is that ok?

How could you not know?

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You haven’t shown me have you?

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Didn’t you see it at the top?

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Oh they were written there were they?

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Did you find them?

find what?

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Who are you asking?

what are we looking for?

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Who’s “we”?

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did I err?

isn’t anyone else looking?

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Did you just ask two questions?

aren’t questions allowed?


Are you sure you’re following the rules?

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