Would you like to reconcile science with faith?


Look at the map. It is three shapes all meeting at one point. You don’t live in the time that science and religion is incompatible, you live in the time where science just hasn’t worked out what you know to be the truth.

No-one in the universe can say God doesn’t exist, just that He is very improbable. Look at all the science and mathematics of quantum mechanics and encourage every scientific effort into that study.

We’re all simply waiting for the science to catch up. Who do you think gave us science and mathematics? It’s all there, don’t worry. Keep your faith, but do everything in your power to get smart people who believe to try to prove this.

Love you all

The question was would we like to reconcile science with faith? My answer would be I don’t think it can totally so wouldn’t it be sufficient enough for us just to believe? I mean if people have an scientific mind that’s fine but belief in God should be sufficient enough and good for us because it is the coming into belief and hope and love for God and others that teaches us to have faith hope and love in the things coming from God. Our Spiritual life can’t be explained scientifically… Peace…

Really? You, or someone else, can say that God is “very improbable”?

What is the probability, exactly, and how did you deduce it?

I am all scientist and have no problem believing in God. I long ago stopped worrying abut reconciling the two. In fact I find science to be very lacking when considering God, and at the same time to constantly reveal His presence. The “scientists” just don’t see it, because in part they don’t believe.

Anyway, that is my take on it. If I had to give up science for God the choice is easy: I will keep God thank you very much.

… There’s nothing to reconcile. The Bible, and faith, speaks about things beyond the physical reality. Science speaks to the makeup of the physical reality. They are co-means through which we come to have a fuller understanding of God’s creations. The only time there appears to be a discontinuity is when science is applied inappropriately to try and make a claim about something which is beyond the scope of what science can teach us about (the physical reality).

There is nothing wrong with being a strong believer in science because God gave us science so we could develop a fuller understanding of Him. It’s sad that so many people chose to use it to try to disprove its creator…

I’m not waiting for science to catch up. There are truths that can be known by human reason.


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