Would you live in a Catholic commune?


Same here. I find the idea intriguing, but DH isn’t Catholic, and as long as we don’t have children I’m going to work at least part time out of the home, so I probably wouldn’t fit in to communal life. But, the idea is appealing!


Dont we get a better chance to show others good witness amoung the others in the world? It would be limiting opportunity to spread by example directly to neighboors and others around us in our day to day life.
So, no. We are called to be a light to the world not to hide that light.


Wow, I posted the question, then didn’t get back online till this morning. So many interesting comments. I know that some communities have had problems, but it is encouraging to know that there are a few that exist now that might be flourishing.


However, I also feel that it is important to be part of the whole community, because I think that Christ wants to work through us to reach others who are not believers. We can’t reach out to them if we’re not around them. All nonbelievers need to be able to see and be near believers so that they can have the opportunity to reach out to us, and us to them, in their search for Christ.

Reaching out isn’t happening where I live, to either believers or non believers. I could drop dead and no one would notice. When I asked the deacon to visit my neighbor (who he knows well) in the hospital, he said “Why? Does he want to become a Catholic?” I do attend Mass regularly and have given up on connecting with anyone in a meaningful way. The friendliness is an act. Maybe it’s because they are all related here, I don’t know. But if the only reason you have to diss a commune is because of the reasons you stated above, I’d say the reasons are pretty weak.



WOW! I just browsed through their website, and it was so inspiring! Now if we could use that as a guideline for creating something out here in bee-you-tea-full Colorado… God’s will be done.Gertie

Colorado. I could live there. Beats Texas and the heat and humidity. I’ll help you. Where do we start? Join in, folks!


Now that would be isolating. And I’ll bet the homes cost quite a bit.


How did you come to make the decision to move there? I’m interested in hearing more about this adventure that you are about to undertake.


No-we are called to witness our Faith to all. Living in a catholic commune puts us in an echo chamber where are winessing is limited to those who alread know the THRUTH.


Here I am, a displaced homemaker of 22 years. I am camping out in a friend’s pasture. She is not Catholic and her husband is not interested in God at all. In fact, she is anti-Catholic. If you could use one letter to describe her, it would be N for NO. No to everything except what she wants. I can’t discuss much of anything with her, it has to be light and fluffy. After my divorce the best job I could get was part time. Good wages, but not enough to get me an apt. in town and pay for utilities, etc. I got laid off, so now I am getting UI. If I were living in a community with other Catholics, I imagine getting together with others to use my fabric and machine to make things to give away to others in need, Catholic or not. I can’t install a zipper, but someone else might be able to. I imagine sharing my money to buy meat in bulk and using her big freezer for storage, since I live in a tiny RV. I imagine helping them to care for their animals, but she puts me off, telling me that they wouldn’t accept me. Funny, when they go out of town and I have to feed and water them, the dogs barely even notice. I imagine that we could have wonderful discussions about the Bible and all things spiritual. But they have 5 TV’s and one is alway blaring. There’s more, but you get the idea. I don’t see why sharing space with others of like mind makes you isolated. But if you say it is so, then maybe I’m too idealistic. I just know that in my situation, I could be doing more than I am, but there’s no way for me to do it. I need to get out of here, and so far, after 2 months of looking, I have yet to find a job. There is a retired priest down the road who lives alone in his home, which is in great need of repair and cleaning. He’s 78, and unsteady on his feet. But he is stubborn and independent. He needs to be with others who could keep an eye on him. He has much to offer. He makes good homemade wine! :thumbsup:


I would love it if my entire city (Phoenix, AZ) was like a big Catholic Community, and the atmosphere exuded with Catholicity and the love of God and the Church. But to answer the question more directly, yes I would, if the commune was a faithful, orthodox one. :slight_smile:


But, the same could be said of cloistered nuns. Don’t they spend most of their time in prayer, away from the world? Different people are called to different vocations; a Catholic commune probably wouldn’t be for DH and I, but it works for some (I’m thinking of Little Portion in AR).


No, thank you. Sounds borderline cultish and very isolated. As far as “discipline,” my membership in the Catholic Church provides me plenty. And personally, I enjoy the variety I encounter in my community–on many levels: socio-economic, racial, ethnic, religious, age, dis/ability, educational, etc. Sure, there are occasions when conflicting values cause frustration–but living in a diverse community can enhance some pretty vital life skills–like charity, empathy, negotiation, perspective, fortitude, respect and I wouldn’t want to abandon it. I also think it is an entirely unrealistic portrayal for children to think that everyone participates in the same “groupthink.”


Not everyone is called to live in a closed off community. Those who are called to such a life should become consecrated religious.


A friend who lived in the US moved his family back there and later invited me to visit. Within hours, I knew I wanted to live there too. It isn’t primitive, we have our own water system and sewerage, and the federal electricity system reaches us. There are even a couple of paved streets. But no telephone lines, meaning no telemarketers:D . There are several university educated people there with their families, as well as the simple farmers with more basic education. I’ve been asked to teach English in the one-room schoolhouse. It isn’t much different than the small farming communities from which my parents came. I was born in a very large city, but as a child was taken “back home” every summer, and where I still visit aging relatives.
Our whole village is centered on the small church which they built themselves and have imporved and maintained. The priest comes every Sunday, and we have Rosary daily.
What’s not to like?


Probably. Environment and acquaintances can affect you over time. I would like to have a positive environment and people who would not detract from my Catholic faith.

Kind of like coming home from a grumpy day at the office to a nice, warm, happy home.

But then I think of the dysfunctional Catholics I know and freak out…what if they all band together…The Village II?


This type of thing really concerns me. You read so much about groups that start off with the best of intentions and end up cult like. I dont think its a good idea to withdraw from society. And I would worry that a setting like this might result in group think and possibly a cult lifestyle.


:rotfl: Good luck finding that many people who could agree on anything, much less the majority of things!

hmmm… what kind of Catholics?
the ones married to non-catholics?
the ones who only wear dresses?
the ones who wear jeans?
the latin ones?
the NO ones?
the missel '62 ones?
the sat. evening mass for sunday obligation ones?
the daily mass ones?
the thank-god-we-didn’t-sleep-in 5pm Sunday ones?
the don’t bf in public ones?
the bring your kids every where ones?
the no-vac ones?

**Now, I look at those examples, see a bunch of unique, but all great Catholic people living their faith and say “Come on it in! Have a seat! Want some coffee?” But you can sure bet that several of those would soon be relegated to the doghouse by nightfall of the first day in some Catholic circles.:frowning: **

**So if it was truely a group of genuine Catholics living their faith - I’d be all for it. If it was just a way for a group to gather and wallow in their own self-rightous selves - well I doubt they’d want me anyhow!:slight_smile: **


Jesus didn’t tell the disciples to go forth and make communes to shut themselves out from the rest of the world. Where would we be without people like Mother Theresa? Good thing she didn’t retreat to a Catholic commune. The church wouldn’t be what it is now if we hadn’t spread out making believers in all nations.


I looked at that website and while I like the idea of distributism, I don’t care for the environmental gibberish. I’m afraid I would get judgemental stares for putting refined sugar in my cofee. Looks too Puritanical for me.

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