Would you mind to pray for my family?

My father, mother, sister and I have been a great family for 20 years. We need each other and we love very much.

However my father and my mother do quarrel sometimes. I’ve realized that actually both of them have diffferent way of thinking, and sometimes they argue on small things. But lately the quarrel has become worse. It began at the beginning of the year, and my father has not been staying at our house for few month due to the quarrel. Sometimes they mention things like divorce whenever any of them consult to me or my sister, although they said they’re not serious about mentioning it.

What I dont like about the quarrel is they dispute over money matters. We’re a middle-incomed family but we’ve never put financial matters on the top priority. It’s just this time the financial issue has made things worse.

I do not want my family to be separated over such materialistic issue. I just think that sometimes people cannot handle the emotion and I am afraid that following our emotions will not solve the problem.

I always pray to the Lord so that we’re always given strength to go through this problem well. I would like to thank those who do not mind to pray for my family. I hope that my family will be able to be together until the end

May God be with you and may peace be upon your family

First things first… Print a copy of your post and give it to both of your parents… I bet it will get them thinking !!

O Jesus, I humble implore you to grant your special grace to this family. May their home be a shrine of peace, purity, love, labor and faith… I beg you Jesus to heal them and have your will with them…AMEN

Prayers going up for you and your family! :gopray:

I pray our Lord, Jesus, always give you and your family the strength to get through difficult situations.
I pray your family is not separated and is filled with peace, love, and understanding.:gopray2:

I agree with Pam. I know if one of my children came to me with that I would be in tears thinking “How could I be so stupid?”

Heavenly Father, please come into the hearts of these people and let them see Your truth, and what their arguments are doing to their child. If their hearts are stone, break them. If their hearts are like ice, thaw them. Show them that faith and family are that lasts. Amen.

I pray that God’s peace be with your family, and that they remain devoted and respectful of one another.



What a strong and couragous person you are.
You are truly a blessed individual and seem very wise.
I second with pyropam, either print what you wrote or tell them how you feel.
I find the some of the strongest words you can use are ‘Mum, Dad, you make me feel’ and after the word feel, tell them exactly how you feel.
Once they see it is affecting you, that will make them see some realisation.
Ill add you in my rosary tonight.
God bless you and may he protect you.

Hi all

Thank you for praying for my family :slight_smile:
Glad to have all of you here

May God’s peace and glory be with our beloved families always

Praying for your family

Holy Spirit, bring peace and love to this family!

Praying for you & your family

Will keep you and your family in prayer…


Praying for your family…

Still praying for your family… I ask that the Father hear your prayers along with all of ours.


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