Would you patronize a new orthodox online Catholic book store?


My post about searching for pro-life employment didn’t produce many results. So my second idea was about starting an orthodox, online, Catholic bookstore. Do you think many people would patronize such an operation, or is there too much competition from Amazon? I would mostly get books form Ignatius press or Tan books.

Any thoughts on this idea would be appreciated.

If anyone has any other suggestions for being self employed in a Catholic or pro-life field, please share your thoughts.


I think it would be very difficult to compete. I know that I shop for best price.


Why not start with an Amazon aStore? You could test the market without having to buy inventory.


Do you know anything about the book business, or having an online business?

To play it safe, perhaps you could start with no money. Sell some used, donated books through Amazon or eBay, just to get started. See if TAN would give some inventory to you with no money down.

If a store has what I want, at the best price, sure.


While I order from Amazon plenty often, I will often sacrifice a couple of dollars and a little convenience to do business with a Catholic bookstore. It is a shame that some people will sacrifice everything else just to get the absolute bottom dollar, but I still think there are others like me who understand the significance of good, Catholic businesses.

On the other hand, there is quite a bit of Catholic competition out there also (ie Ignatius press) who often have just as good, if not better, prices than amazon. And in my case, we have a really good local brick and mortar Catholic bookstore, and I try to patronize them as often as possible, even when ordering a book that is not in stock. If I don't need it quickly, I will rely on them to order it for me. I will gladly sacrifice a little money and time to help keep them in business. So it might be a tough business, but there is a lot to be said for business that really stress their Catholic character.

Good luck.


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