Would you prefer that the EMHC (Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion) wear a simple long tunic?

Yes or no.

Really no preference, but I don’t see why they should. It would just take longer for communion to happen and when you have a lot of people already it just wastes time for them to go put them on. :shrug:

I like outfits.

Yes, as a sign of reverence. They would robe before Mass, just as the Altar servers do. It would not be taking time from Communion.

No, it would institutionalize them.

I’m of the opinion everyone in the sanctuary should be vested, although YTC makes a good point.

I think you mean an alb?

A tunic is actually a vestment proper to a subdeacon.

If you mean alb, I personally have mixed feelings on it.

I can see both advantages and disadvantages.

It’s the vesture that the Church suggests, so it cannot possibly be wrong.
It avoids a lot of problems like wearing clothing that calls attention to themselves or might be immodest, or other issues.
It does look better than having them all wear different clothing—there’s something to be said for uniformity.
Albs can add a degree of solemnity and dignity to the overall celebration.
An alb makes the point that what’s important is the function, not the person performing the function.

It’s difficult and/or expensive for parishes to purchase and maintain them.
It can sometimes lead to clericalism (“look at me, I’m special because I get to wear an alb and you don’t”)
It makes a distinction among the laity that really should not be made. There’s no difference between a layperson who is an EMHC at that Mass and one who is not, so why dress them differently?
The absence of an alb emphasizes the fact that the EMHCs are exactly that “extra-ordinary ministers.” They are only performing that function because there is a shortage of priests and deacons, so there is a genuine value to the fact that they are not dressing differently from the rest of the congregation.

And finally, albs are liturgical undergarments—they are really supposed to be foundational garments for other vestments. They just should not be worn as outer garments.

Trying to restore the alb (as an outer garment) after at least 1,000 years of disuse is truly a false anachronism.

No, I see no reason to do so.

I voted yes, but what I really would like to see is more priests so we do not have to have EMHC’s.

In most churches the EMHCs do not… reside (?)… in the sanctuary. The only case I can see where they would is if communion is administered behind a railing, which happens, but is rare of course.


Or more deacons.

How about “and deacons?” :thumbsup:

We need more of both.


  1. The sacred garment common to all ordained and instituted ministers of any rank is the alb,
  1. In the Dioceses of the United States of America, acolytes, altar servers, readers, and other lay ministers may wear the alb or other appropriate and dignified clothing.

You’re kidding, right?
What next?
So, I guess my answer is “no”

I dislike clericalism, as the good padre asserted.

It would be cool as a sign of reverence, but many of the Eucharistic ministers at my parish just wear good clothing (nothing inappropriate) and wear special crosses to designate that they are ministers.

Yes, because some people still don’t know how to dress modestly!


I have to say that I object to the idea of them wearing crosses as some sort of “symbol of office.” Why do they need to be “designated” as EMHCs, I wonder? Given that they’re already standing near the sanctuary distributing Holy Communion (after the priest hands them the vessels, no less), what’s the purpose of having them wear some kind of badge of office to show people that they are what they appear to be? I don’t understand that.

I’ve seen some parishes that employ little plastic name-tags that read “Eucharistic Minister.” (thankfully, this is falling out of fashion as more and more of the 1970s priest retire) Why? In case they forget what they’re supposed to do, or in case someone walks up towards the sanctuary and sees someone without a name-tag distributing Communion he’ll know that the EMHC is not bona fide?

After all, I don’t wear a little plastic name-tag on my chasuble that reads “priest.” :shrug:

My parish just now ordered EVERYONE nametags. For everything. Drives me nuts. And this is parish that prides itself on everyone knowing everyone’s name. I don’t get it either.
I remember recently reading something about the Holy Father saying people who take so much possession of their so called “ministries” that they fail to do the work of the laity in the world.
Even worse, our parish used to ask everyone to wear their “Strengths-Finders” top 5 placards to church. Also a bad idea.

My parish in Manhattan has only two priests and does not have any deacons or extraordinary ministers, and I thank G*d for it. I am in my 70’s and am somewhat conservative. I am uncomfortable with the idea of anyone other than a priest touching the host or any of the sacred items, such as the Chalice, etc. I know all of this changed with
V II, but I am still uncomfortable with it.
And yes, I am comfortable with the Ordinary form of the Mass.

It would put a burdon of buying ropes and then having enough for all the sizes and shapes of people. Plus the added expense to maintain the ropes. I’ve seen this done in only a few places, but it is hard enough to maintain altar boy albs let alone albs for many more adults.

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