Would you recommend Catholism for Dummies?

I guess there really is a Dummies book for everything! Anyway, I understand this is written by the same priests who were on the “Crash Course on Catholicism” series on EWTN. I really liked that series, but only got to see it a few times due to my schedule, and then they moved on to “Crash Course on John Paul II”. Does the book contain material similar to the EWTN series? Also, has anyone read the Saints for Dummies book, since I wasn’t sure if that was an introduction to the whole concept of saints and the canonization process, or is it more of an introduction to individual saints’ lives, miracles, etc?

I’d appreciate any input. Thanks!

ETA: Sorry for the typo, I know it’s “Catholicism”…right? :o

Catholicism for Dummies is an excellent, basic intro to the faith. I have no idea how it is related to the EWTN series as I’ve never seen it. As for Saints for Dummies, I haven’t read it, but from flipping through it a bit on Amazon, it looks to be a mix of both what a Saint is, how they are canonized as well as short bits on many of the most popular Saints in various categories.

Yes, I purchased a copy to determine if it was sufficient in truth and honesty to give as a gift and I was so surprised, I am keeping the original copy and will purchase a 2nd to give as the gift.
Also, I will probably now purchase Saints for Dummies

Yes. I bought this as well to have on hand when some of the relatives come to visit and I find it to be quite orthodox and well-written; enough ‘readability’ to make it acceptable to most who don’t want to face some ‘boring dry junk’ and enough ‘meat’ so that it’s actually worthwhile reading and one will gain accurate knowledge.

Just stay away from the Idiots Guide to Catholicism. . .that one is not accurate in its teachings in a few areas, enough to make the whole thing problematic.

Absolutely. I gave a copy to a girl I who was interested in potentially converting, and she really enjoyed it.

I second Tantum Ergo’s warning about the Idiot’s guide.

I’ve been reading Catholicism for Dummies for a few weeks now and it’s pretty good. As someone who previously knew nothing about what Catholics believe I’ve learned a lot from it.

Catholicism for Dummies is one of the first Catholic books I got before I converted to the Fullness of Faith, being more educated about my faith now I would still 100% recommend it. Its a great book and a wonderful quick overview of everything. It is an intro book so be aware it is not going to go in depth into everything, but will give you a fantastic sweeping look.

I also want to add that you should avoid the Complete Idiots Guide version.

Catholicism for Dummies is excellent. I didn’t know about the problems with The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Understanding Catholicism.

However, I’d recommend another Idiot’s Guide----The Complete Idiot’s Guide to The Catholic Catechism. After reading a good review by our Archbishop Chaput, I bought the book. I’m halfway through this one, I’m really enjoying it, and have learned quite a bit.

I bought Catholicism for Dummies last year and I’d definitly recommend it to those seeking to understand the Catholic Faith. It’s actually really informative,moreso than what I thought it was going to be and it’s got a little bit of humour thrown into it too:thumbsup:

IMO this is the single best first book for someone interested in learning about Catholicism, one I would give to someone who is completely new to the faith, about to marry a Catholic, or wavering on deciding to become Catholic. I also heartily recommend it for RCIA and other sacramental catechists because it gives good language to present the basics to newcomers, without continually saying “look it up in the CCC.”

Everybody seems to like the book. Never argue with success. My Baptist twin brother would take offense by the title I think. A very good book though to give to all my non-catholic brothers and sisters come Christmas I guess. God bless:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

Yes!!! I’m in the process of converting myself and I’ve been trying to read a few chapters a week. It’s incredibly easy to understand and explains everything from the beginning in small bite-size pieces.

I tried reading the catechism and I didn’t understand it, so this was a good substitute!

We have a couple of copies in our RCIA lending library.

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