Would you say caucasians in America have become less family-oriented?

Let’s say from the 1950s until now. If your answer is yes why do you think that is?
And if no … Why?

All can answer but I’d like to hear from caucasians in particular their thoughts.

Are there many people in the US from the Caucasus?


Lol. Great point.

Define “Caucasian”, as far as I am concerned, it refers to a linguistic group, not a racial or ethnic one. (i.e., some definitions of Caucasian, when used as a racial group, include Asian Indians, and Hispanics are an ethnicity, not a race, over half of them identify as white per the US census 2010)Languages of the Caucasus It would be nice if people stopped obsessing with skin colour, race, and ethnicity.

I think it’s a problem with western culture, so I don’t know what being white has to do with it.

I’ll list some factors that I think contribute to people in the US being less family oriented.

  1. Greater freedoms over the last century have been given for someone to do what they think is best for them (insert bad decision here)

  2. An increase in mobility…interstates, cars, airplanes, etc…

  3. Cultural acceptance of autonomy makes it easier to justify selfishness to oneself.

  4. Fast food

  5. I’m going to throw yoga and Harry Potter on the table as well. That could explain why it’s more of a white peoples problem, no? :thinking:

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