Would you say the Westboro Baptist Church is/are...


Just want your opinions…

BTW I’m assuming most of us know that the WBC is not Baptist at all, but I’m clearing that up anyways.


I’m appalled by Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church.
They love to rant, rave, and rail and curse everybody else.
Too bad they choose that instead of trying to help save souls.

Jaypeeto4 (aka Jaypeeto3)


They’re a cult more than a church; they are hatemongers for sure.
I personally think that at least some of them–especially the Phelps clan themselves–may be under demonic influence. (I have read genuine horror stories of Fred Phelps’ treatment of his family. He is, IMO, a sick, depraved, & sadistic monster!).


Since I know nothing of this church, I cannot answer that. Can you post a link about it so others know what it is about? thanks.


I say they are ALL the above except mislead; although the children are definitly being mislead. Seems we see them everytime we go to Topeka, they are always picketing someplace. My wife took a class a few years ago and said they were across the street every Thursday. I attended Mass one Sunday and they were a block down the street at another church. The list could go on, but why waste time. :smiley:



I would say they are mislead - by Satan… since they probably believe they are doing God’s work. How sorry I feel for them. :frowning:


I said:
*]a church with cult-like tendencies, if not a cult.
*]hatemongers, small-minded, prejudiced, anti-everything, and most definately corrupt
*]attention-seeking[/LIST]I did not choose “Simply mislead and extreme” because being mislead is not simple and extreme is covere under the other choices.



I am amused/bemused by these people. At the Memorial Day Parade here in Indianapolis (the day before the Indy 500) we were on the last half of the parade route waiting…waiting…waiting for the parade to begin. What looked like the start of the parade was really the Phelps people marching down the street with their infamous signs… It was entertaining to watch the reaction from people in the crowd. I was bored so I started cheering them and clapping. It was fun to watch people’s reaction to me. I just have a strange sense of humor.
Alterenatively, protesting the funerals of dead soldier is disgusting.


I’m not sure if you are a man or a woman, but if you were my husband, I’d kill you!



The wikipedia site:


and one of their own website:



Thou shall not!


The Phelps family traveling horror show/“church” was across the street picketing Mater Dei here in Topeka when I went to 10:30 Mass this morning. They brought their “Fag Priests” and “Dyke Nuns” signs especially for the occasion, along with all their usual slimey ones. We were all out on the front steps socializing before Mass as usual, and just ignored them.


That’s the best way to do it. If everyone ignored this pond scum, they’d vanish. No media attention equals no ego boost for Phelps.


**Its a cult that spews hate, it is the most horrific and disturbing sect that represents Christianity.

godhatesfags.com/main/index.html You must read this.!!!



Is that the church that was protesting at funerals for servicemen? And then the bikers came and drowned them out and blocked them so the grieving family members didnt have to deal with their hatred?


Yup, that’s them.


If there is indeed an Elect, they are definitely not it.


Those people give us christians a bad name:mad: Im not sure who or what they are except a bunch of hateful people.I really dont think they have the Holy Spirit in them.:whacky:



I think that they are evil.


They are evil. Christ warned us of false teachers and false Christs. I’d say those people fit the bill.

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