Would you say you are 'high' or 'low' maintenance?



I thought this could be a fun thread…
My dh thinks I’m both. lol When we were dating, he thought I was high maintenance.:blush: (He wanted to marry me, I couldn’t have been that bad) lol :wink:

As I grow older though, I find myself gravitating towards simplifying life!

Has anyone ever indicated to you one way or the other…that you’re high or low maintenance? Be honest. :wink:*


What do you mean by “high maintenance” WG? Does high maintenance mean that you need a lot of attention and doting over? Or does it mean that a high maintenance lady needs lots of gifts, luxurious dates, isn’t happy spending time doing low key activities, etc?

If you mean attention, my gf is definitely high maintenance. If it means needing material comforts or high profile dates, then she is probably low maintenance but likes a special date now and then.

Off topic: I can’t believe I used “doting” in a sentence. I’m getting old. :rolleyes:


*lol It’s ok. Doting is a good word, doesn’t mean you’re old. lol

You can mean it in the sense that it applies, perhaps. I hadn’t thought of a dual meaning, but my husband meant it like…I needed a lot of pampering. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s more of how I meant it, but you can define it in your own terms. I think needing a lot of attention could very well fall into the high maintenance category.

When you say she needs a lot of attention, what do you mean by that? Like phone calls, emails, texts, etc? A lot of “I love you’s?” :)*


I’ve been told that I’m low maintenance but then again I was in the military for 22 years. When I retired I was already married for 15 years. Now I have known some girls that were high maintenance but not my wife. I think “high maintenance” refers to how much it costs to keep one happy. You couldn’t have been that WhatEverGirl! :smiley:



Does your spouse think you’re high/low maintenance? If you are single, has anyone you dated told you this? If you’re dating, does your bf/gf tell you this?

I am thinking how I’d rate myself. Eh, borderline. I have moments when I can be low or high maintenance. My dh thinks I’ve improved. Again, he married me when I was supposedly ‘high’ maintenance, so I told him…you must like high maintenance women, then. :stuck_out_tongue: :shrug:*


*I would imagine the military would cause someone to have to become low maintenance, in a hurry. :hmmm: lol

I find the Biblical passage…‘you can’t serve man and God,’ to be very fitting here, too…because while it’s nice to be pampered once in a while, it’s most important to serve the Lord and others. You can’t be both…high maintenance and serving the Lord. It’s humbling when you discover that.

My dh on the other hand…always has been pretty low maintenance. He likes nice things, nice places to eat, bla bla…but, he is a believer in saving money, not spending. Cooking for a party as opposed to catering. Cleaning one’s car one’s self, as opposed to running it through a car wash. Making kids work for their money, as opposed to handing it to them. Since growing in the faith, and really looking to him to be the head of household, I no longer fight him on these issues, but it wasn’t always easy. It’s weird how opposites attract. :shrug: *


True, but then again I’ve seen both male and female at Mass that just look like they spent 3 hours in front of the mirror getting ready (massive makeup/hair gel etc…)


I love your threads, Whatevergirl. If that’s heritable, I wonder if you have any daughters. :smiley:

Seriously, though, also both. I can be very low maintenance because I can go for a long time without food or drink when I’m fixated on a target and I don’t need that much money to cover my needs. I value simplicity and I very much appreciate the women who will go trekking with you, who will have a beer by the fire (instead of always going a la carte) and who look good in khakis. :stuck_out_tongue: With all people, I’m generally rather up to the point and don’t dwell on accidental mistakes, so that’s another one for low maintenance.

On the other hand, I have an extremely picky taste when it comes to certain things (clothes, hair, manners, language). I value simplicity in all of those, I love the elaborate forms (and they need to be simple in their own way), but I don’t like things that are odd, mismatched etc. I’m not even very pedantic and I have a lot of understanding, but I’m hard to please, I rarely approve of what I see and I disapprove of much if not most of styles I come across (plain stuff excluded). My father being a painter and sculptor might be part of the reason here. So in this I’m definitely high maintenance. I also don’t like substandard human interaction, so I expect people to (wo)man up a lot and communicate like adults. Plus, I have very short patience for unreasonable procedures, job strategies that don’t work, work systems that burn half the productive energy etc. Then, I have a love of learning and knowledge. That’s high maintenance as well. I suppose putting up with my “charming” personality is high maintenance, too.


Interesting–yet another definition of this. I guess that could be high maintenance. I have actually heard that explained like that, for men, mainly. Like men who spend more time in front of their mirrors than women…lol Yes, high maintenance, indeed! :smiley:


*LOL! I think you have a good self image of yourself…that’s good! Only ‘knowing’ you here online, I would dub you leaning towards the high maintenance category :hmmm:…only as to what you say here. You seem to be very picky…and truthfully, there is nothing wrong with that. I NEVER liked when guy friends of mine would refer to the girls they were dating back in college, as low maintenance. They always meant it in a bad way…like…the girls never had opinions, always did what the guys wanted to do…

I guess there are a lot of opinions of this, come to think of it! But, to me, that is not a good thing to be…a woman who just goes along with no idea of who she is, or what she wants. Then, there is the other extreme. :rotfl:*


I am completely low maitenance when Im viewed from other people. I do not need gifts Im just happy to have someone over to visit, my idea of awesome gifts are socks and underwear. I usually only wear tshirts and shorts and Im happy more than happy, Im not sure I even fit int my suit anymore. Subway is fine for going out. Yet I have a dark high maintenece secret >> I love long showers, though its not to gussey up, I just like to rest in the shower. :smiley:


I take pride in being the only guy who I know thats been called high matienance…maybe it’s because I can’t shut up and love hearing the sound of my own voice.

Well, that and I’m always bouncing around doing 4 things at once.


We all have our things, I think. Socks and underwear is what my husband asks for every year, when the kids ask him what he wants for his birthday. :smiley: Definitely low maintenance, but it’s a good thing, in this regard. I think there are two sides to the coin, maybe. Low maintenance can be a very bad thing, if by it, we mean that a person never speaks up for him/herself, and just accepts ‘whatever.’ I think there is a time to go with the flow, and a time to speak up, and it’s not a bad thing to say what you like. I sometimes think of low maintenance, as someone telling another person what to like. I dunno, this thread is turning out to be interesting, and I’m learning a lot about my fellow posters. :slight_smile:


*Hyper, not high maintenance. :rotfl: You don’t strike me from your posts, as high maintenance…interesting. People have dubbed you this? *


My wife was pretty HM when we were dating… very “anal retentive.” Everything needed to be clean and it it’s place. While I wouldn’t qualify myself as “messy” I’ve always been one of those, “it can wait if something is more important” people.

Through the years we have definitely changed, she is MUCH lower maintenance… and I’ve been come a little more “anal” myself.



OK, I’ll say it, I am a high maintenance kinda gal :stuck_out_tongue:

I need lots of attention, little gifts to show you care, and it takes me forever to get ready to go anywhere.

I don’t need expensive stuff, just lots and lots and lots of attention. I expect my man to spend more time with me than with the guys. I expect him to care about my feelings and wants.

Its funny though, my dh doesn’t consider me “high maintenance”, but my BIL does. However my dh thinks his brothers wife is high maintenance, she has to have the newest and nicest of everything, but her man hardly ever spends time with her, he is too busy with golf and hanging out with his buddies. So it can def mean different things to different people.


I think is is because the girl I was dating at the time was a little too “laid back”. She viewed excersize as running to the pantry to get Cheez-its!


*hi mia;

Yes, that’s so true…it DOES mean different things to different people, I’m seeing here. I am somewhat like you…I like lots of conversation with my husband, and flowers now and then are always welcome lol I don’t need anything pricey, but a surprise dinner…where he made the reservations, is always a nice treat, too. I think my husband’s work hours, the fact that we don’t have a lot of time together anymore, has caused me to become more patient in that regard, and when we do have time together, it doesn’t have to be a big fiasco…I think God has a way of ‘taming’ us where we need it…you know? Thanks for chiming in. I feel kind of bad for your SIL, because really time with our spouses is what matters most, not things. :(*


:rotfl: I take it you both weren’t a match. :smiley:


Compared to some of my girl friends, I’m extremely low maintenance. You should’ve seen the looks I got when I told them I’ve never had a manicure or pedicure or had my hair done at a “salon.” Looked a bit like this… :eek: To me that always seemed to be an unecessary expenditure. I guess it has a lot to do with how you grow up, even though it can go both ways. My parents never had a lot of money so I’ve never had the best or most expensive stuff and all the extra’s other people seem to need are pointless to me. :shrug:

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